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The trope listings aren\'t for things like, \
The trope listings aren\\\'t for things like, \\\"Okay, maybe if you squint and tilt your head a little bit to the left it might look like it.\\\" That particular trope is the daughter bringing home a man her father would \\\"never, ever approve of.\\\"

Caraway, as a military man, probably \\\'\\\'would\\\'\\\' approve of a militarily-trained and disciplined young man on general principle, and as @/JoieDeCombat pointed out, he\\\'s working with [=SeeD=] anyway, so even that flimsy justification does not apply. And nothing in the game implies that he disapproves of Squall personally in the least.

So it\\\'s not even that there\\\'s a \\\"small implication,\\\" it\\\'s that the trope doesn\\\'t apply at all. It is not present, referenced, or expected in the work at any time. Tropes that don\\\'t apply to the work do not go on that work\\\'s page, it\\\'s as simple as that.

And you were joking? Having a quick look at your edits, I don\\\'t see the \\\"joke\\\" in them. If you\\\'re going to try and add humor to the site, it should be based on something relevant, at least, and clear that it\\\'s a joke.

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