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SSOT, why did you cut this OrSoIHeard?

* OrSoIHeard is \'\'\'I Watched And Really Enjoyed This Show But I\'m Too Much Of A Wuss To Admit To Liking Something Unpopular On An Anonymous Site\'\'\' for those who don\'t have the \'\'cojones\'\' to say so. It\'s a little bit long, too.
** It\'s also more polite than \'\'\'I\'m Just Parroting What I Read On Some Guy\'s Blog Because I Really Don\'t Watch This Show But I Can\'t Stand Not Making An Addition To The Page\'\'\' for those people who really don\'t watch.
** Plus it\'s a bit more concise and family-friendly than \'\'\'I Don\'t Watch Porn Or Play Hentai Dating Sims, I Swear\'\'\'.
** And the more complete \'\'\'Things I Don\'t Know If They\'re Right Or If I Do Know, Embarasses Me\'\'\' is unwildely.
never mind.

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