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** To put it in modern perspective, imagine going to watch \
** To put it in modern perspective, imagine going to watch \\\"The Simpsons Movie\\\" and seeing all of the Simpsons die in the first half hour so the remainder of the movie could star Ned Flanders.
* The \\\'\\\'{{Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends}}\\\'\\\' episode \\\'A Firestar Is Born\\\'. Not just a DMOS for this show, but for the character Wolverine and the {{X-Men}} in general when, after being throws to the side by Juggernaut, \\\'\\\'Wolverine gets his claws stuck in a simple brick wall. [[{{Narm}} I-I\\\'m stuck!]]
* ThePowerpuffGirls beating up Rainbow the Clown and throwing him in prison was their DMOS. It was just utterly sickening that the girls would do an act like that.
** The DMOS for this troper was the horrifically pointless death of Bunny, the deformed and mentally challenged \\\"sister\\\" they made for kicks. It would have to fly five miles straight up to reach DownerEnding status. Way to pump that NightmareFuel to all the kiddies at home!
** Probably the worst episode, however, is \\\'\\\'Neighbor Hood\\\'\\\'. Basically, a somewhat harmless kids show starts asking its young viewers to send them money. Petty, but nothing illegal so far... until Bubbles watches it and actually \\\'\\\'[[WallBanger robs the mayor\\\'s bank to steal all the town\\\'s money]]\\\'\\\'. No hypnotizing was involved, a children\\\'s tv personality only had to ask Bubbles to commit a crime that \\\'\\\'she beats people up for doing regularly\\\'\\\'. Oh, and not only is she never held responsible for this, but her sisters decide that the people involved in the show are evil criminals because they had the nerve to... ask for money in a kid\\\'s show. They\\\'re right- the show was being taped, after all, in an actual prison, but that just raises the question: why didn\\\'t this clue Bubbles in as she was handing them the money? Needless to say, [[UnderStatement this was not a very good Bubbles episode]].
*** And, it\\\'s based on a [[ real-life event.]] Parents were angry about it, but no one was arrested for it. In both cases, it was just the kids\\\' show\\\'s hosts being assholes. Uh, note to the writers of PPG, being a selfish jerk is rude, but it\\\'s not a crime.
*** Bubbles is a KarmaHoudini. \\\'\\\'All\\\'\\\' the girls have their low points of acting as a villain, Blossom in \\\'\\\'A Very Special Blossom\\\'\\\' and Buttercup in \\\'\\\'Moral Decay\\\'\\\', but they get punished for them. Bubbles gets of scott-free in \\\'\\\'Bubblevicious\\\'\\\' and \\\'\\\'Neighbour Hood\\\'\\\' both.
** What about the episode where Mojo Jojo makes the girls giant, and the citizens of Townsville berate them for their clumsiness? That\\\'s a WhatTheHellTownspeople moment there.
*\\\'\\\'TeenTitans: Trouble In Tokyo\\\'\\\': Also, when Robin takes down the {{Ultraman}} {{expy}}, he then starts pounding it brutally to finish it off. Not only was this unnecessary, not only did it landed Robin and his team mates in hot water, but it becomes worse when you realize he was taught by Batman, who has a VERY strict \\\"No Kill\\\" policy (sure he beats the crap out of a bad guy but when they\\\'re down he\\\'s done with then he doesn\\\'t just keep pounding away). Way to go Robin.
** And then there\\\'s the opening sequence, in which the Titans fight off an intruder in the tower, subdue him and call the police to wait, I mean tie him up and throw him into the basement so Robin can pretend to [[TwentyFour Jack Baeur]]. Huh? Since when have they \\\'\\\'ever\\\'\\\' operated like that? Yeah, yeah, Batman\\\'s a dark vigilante hero, but even Batman doesn\\\'t hold criminals captive in the Batcave until they talk! Besides, regardless of origins, the \\\'\\\'Teen Titans\\\'\\\' cartoon is a whole universe away from the sort of behavior. It came out of nowhere and made Robin look like a psycho, especially when the police get involved shortly after that (and rightly calls Robin out, which, even though the character was supposed to be a JerkAss, came off more as TheStrawmanStrikesBack). Ten minutes into the movie, and that whole setup of Robin going all Gitmo with a suspect had already ruined it for me.
** Batman has taken many people to interogate them in the Batcave. He knows several methods of torture, and has beaten people to a bloddy mess for answers. As for Batman not taking things too far, once he truly tried to BEAT THE JOKER TO DEATH. WITH HIS FISTS.
*** What makes this even worse is the infuriating {{Aesop Amnesia}} that got dumped on Robin. You know, one of the coolest and more subtle moments of Season 3 and 4 was Robin growing out of his {{Jerkass}} characterization after nearly losing his life and friends in \\\'Haunted\\\' and becoming someone genuinely more caring (if still a [[{{Unfunny}} hardass]]), which was emphasized in episodes like The Quest, Titans East, and the entire Raven arc. Some of the best writing in television. Then it gets completely undone in this movie. Fuck you, straight-to-DVD movie.
** One for Raven, through the entire movie she makes fun of Beast Boy. Belittling him and insulting him (even when he\\\'s RIGHT about something.) She never gets her comeuppance. One gets the impression that the writers went overboard trying to sink [[RelationshipWritingFumble Beast Boy/Raven.]]
*** Of course, if they were trying to sink [[BelligerentSexualTension ships]] [[SlapSlapKiss like]] [[TheMasochismTango this one]], they didn\\\'t know what they were doing.
** In the show itself, there\\\'s the series finale. After spending years waiting to figure out what happened to Terra, we get an answer... In the form of her completely forgetting who she is. While Beast Boy is (futilely) trying to return her to her old self, the Titans are fighting a seemingly unbeatable opponent. As Beast Boy says his final goodbye to Terra, he leaves her school and... Cue Credits. That\\\'s it. After watching this episode, I almost felt betrayed. The episode itself wasn\\\'t terrible, but the fact that it got ScrewedOverByTheNetwork and forced this episode to become the finale really, really sucked. Which also brings up the point that they had originally wanted to do this episode in Season 3. If they had done that instead, then perhaps they could\\\'ve given Terra back her memories or something, and the show would\\\'ve ended on a triumphant note with the Brotherhood defeated.
** In the season 4 episode \\\"Troq,\\\" the team pledges to help an intergalactic soldier with his \\\"final solution\\\" to an alien menace. En route, however, the team learns the likable soldier is also a racist prone to speaking and acting on his prejudices. Despite this, the team helps to commit genocide, parting with the BrokenAesop that you shouldn\\\'t judge a book by its cover, as long as it\\\'s human-shaped and speaks English.
* The \\\'\\\'FostersHomeForImaginaryFriends\\\'\\\' episode \\\"I Only Have Surprise for You\\\" was one big DMOS for the entire Fosters\\\' residence. [[spoiler: They basically brutally humiliate Mac in an extremely cruel fashion, even though they are susposed to be his \\\'\\\'friends\\\'\\\' who actually care about him. Some friends huh?]]

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