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-> \"Serious Business is when a \'\'\'story\'\'\' revolves around an activity where a sizable portion of the in-story population takes it far more seriously \'\'\'than they should\'\'\'\".

* Point #1: TvTropes, as a website, is not a \"story\". (Thus why I personally question why a RealLife page should exist at all).
* Point #2: \"More seriously than they should\" doesn\'t apply here, because the point of the trope is to catalog a character that is portrayed without any redeeming factors whatsoever, and time has proven that tropers will take that to mean \"any character I don\'t like\". Thus, the \'\'only\'\' way for the site to curb that behavior is through a rigorous screening process.

On those two points (the second at the very least), I\'d contend that CompleteMonster is \'\'NOT\'\' SeriousBusiness as defined by the trope.

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