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1) It's supposed to be a short summary article on Stalin. I don't think it's useful to click on a
1) It\'s supposed to be a short summary article on Stalin. I don\'t think it\'s useful to click on a \"note\' only for seven lines of text to appear. If the information is interesting enough to include in the article, then by all means include it. On the other hand, if it\'s not interesting enough, why use notes to hide massive chunks of tangential information? It just clutters the article.

If you want to include a lot more information but want to give people the option of ignoring it, I suggest using folders instead. Put a summary at the top, with more details in folders at the bottom.

2) Fair enough, but that isn\'t done on any other Useful Notes page, because it\'s not interesting. Placing historians in context is fine, and how Stalin is viewed across the political spectrum is interesting information, but not as a personal list of, \"This guy\'s biased. This guy\'s okay, but not as good as this guy. This guy\'s an idiot, and you\'re an idiot for reading him.\" etc. So yeah I like your edits.

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