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But that's not Good/Evil counterparts. Hanzo is
But that\'s not Good/Evil counterparts. Hanzo is \"more good\" than Widowmaker, but right now, he isn\'t \"a good counterpart\". They don\'t stand on opposite sides of any moral issue or have contrasting methods/goals, aside from using a bow and gun specifically.

Also, what\'s specifically being called an \"ECM\" for Widow is [[ the fraction of a second]] where it looks like she might try to shoot a kid that \'\'had just punched her in the face with a skyscraper-shattering gauntlet\'\'. [[note]]There IS another split-second moment where it looks like she might shoot the kid that yell at her, but Winston interrupts her before then, and looking at the scene, she was confused and started aiming her gun from instinct. You could argue that she might have shot the kid for meddling, but again, nothing happens so we have to guess.[[/note]]

Also, earlier in the same skit, she let the two kids run away and focused all of her attention on Winston. She didn\'t try to attack them until one of them attacked her first.

If anything, I\'d say her real ECM in that scene is when she sees that Reaper has Winston well in hand and then turns to the true objective: the gauntlet. The only reason she didn\'t get it right at that moment is because Reaper pulled a NiceJobFixingItVillain and she then tried to save him from Winston\'s Ult.

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