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By thistlefield on 12/09/18 05:42 PM
Reason: added example

By Buffalo Gates on 12/09/18 05:41 PM
Reason: Added examples for Metric

By mlsmithca on 12/09/18 05:40 PM

By chuck 88 on 12/09/18 05:40 PM
Reason: Removing empty folders, only have folders listed in an article you have examples to list in them.

By Snax Box on 12/09/18 05:39 PM
Reason: What does anyone think of this?

By KY Cubbie on 12/09/18 05:33 PM
Reason: Browns update.

By iloveserperior on 12/09/18 05:32 PM
Reason: the naming of the monolith is contentious so i just put in both

By Buffalo Gates on 12/09/18 05:31 PM
Reason: Added songs for Metric

By Theriocephalus on 12/09/18 05:29 PM
Reason: Fixed red links.

By Arcorann on 12/09/18 05:27 PM
Reason: cite your sources please, the Dyar Straights page explains why UC 0001 cannot possibly be 2045 CE

By rjd 1922 on 12/09/18 05:26 PM
Reason: The Wikia image is actually Mari Yamazaki presenting the award to Arakawa's editor.

By Knowall on 12/09/18 05:17 PM
Reason: Added Ghost details

By Psy Force Star Gladiator 86 on 12/09/18 05:11 PM
Reason: Fixing and Adding

By mightymewtron on 12/09/18 05:09 PM
Reason: Duplicate example

By Super Nerd on 12/09/18 05:07 PM
Reason: Fixing some spelling issues.

By Ghostiet on 12/09/18 05:04 PM
Reason: unlike Dutch and Hosea, there isn't nearly enough in both games to infer that, beyond Javier proclaiming familial love towards his former comrade (on top of trying to manipulate him at gunpoint)

By Darkaros on 12/09/18 05:01 PM
Reason: Split the page between historic and current examples (broadly speaking, still need to play more of the game)

By NOYB on 12/09/18 05:01 PM
Reason: Neither of these is an example of the trope listed. Take That is about throwing shade on another work of fiction. Your Approval Fills Me With Shame is about a hero being ashamed that a villain approves of their actions.

By Lady Pedantica on 12/09/18 04:59 PM
Reason: Removing duplicate entry

By Scooter 007 on 12/09/18 04:58 PM
Reason: the aesop isn't broken, it's spoofed; also add

By Fromthe Wordsof BR on 12/09/18 04:55 PM
Reason: First season has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, overall has an 8.3 on IMDb, and seems to be a case of "merely forgotten" (or screwed by licensing issues) rather than "universally hated and forgotten for a reason".

By rjd 1922 on 12/09/18 04:53 PM
Reason: "Hopewell's Got Talent" video is down.

By rjd 1922 on 12/09/18 04:52 PM
Reason: Hopewell's Got Talent video no longer up.

By JJHIL 325 on 12/09/18 04:51 PM
Reason: Better trope to describe it

By gjjones on 12/09/18 04:50 PM
Reason: Adjusted wordings and add ZCE notice

By merotoker on 12/09/18 04:49 PM
Reason: Removed dead link.

By Miss Desperado on 12/09/18 04:49 PM
Reason: tweaking for conciseness

By chuck 88 on 12/09/18 04:48 PM
Reason: added a mention of Bob Dole 1996 Campaign speech about the Glory days of the 1950's and how he would return the U.S. to that era.

By gjjones on 12/09/18 04:42 PM
Reason: Adjusted entries and add Role Reprisal

By gjjones on 12/09/18 04:41 PM
Reason: Role Reprisal is not a trivia trope, moving to the main page. Also adding a few more tropes

By west 8777 on 12/09/18 04:40 PM
Reason: added races and classes

By Andyroid on 12/09/18 04:40 PM
Reason: Spoilers Off on sub pages

By gjjones on 12/09/18 04:36 PM

By Embryon on 12/09/18 04:36 PM
Reason: spelling

By Tenma-Yuuki on 12/09/18 04:34 PM
Reason: Not to be listed when its subtropes apply.

By TV Lubber on 12/09/18 04:30 PM
Reason: This bomb is different and far more destructive than the one that Sledge survived, since the last one only damaged his ship. But this one blew up the whole Warrior Dome, so there's no way he could've survived.

By trainhobovegas on 12/09/18 04:29 PM
Reason: self-defense indeed, and self-defense in very VERY up close.

By Kamiccolo on 12/09/18 04:25 PM
Reason: The manga wasn't "behind the curb"- he continued to be portrayed that way for months after the anime concluded, including in panels that the volume sketches reveal were actually drawn by Toriyama. If anything the anime went off the rails with all the adaptational villainy moments that don't have any clear counterpart in the manga.

By Drilltank on 12/09/18 04:25 PM
Reason: Added more tropes in. Spanner in the Works almost deserves its own page at this point.

By Brainiac 0982 on 12/09/18 04:25 PM
Reason: Edited for accuracy.

By Tenma-Yuuki on 12/09/18 04:23 PM
Reason: Not to be listed when its subtropes apply.

By Lex The Dragon on 12/09/18 04:19 PM
Reason: I played through Chamber 17 again to verify that the cube does not, in fact, make the noise the cores do when disposed of.

By Tenma-Yuuki on 12/09/18 04:19 PM
Reason: No aversions for examples, unless used to describe an omnipresent trope.

By Lex The Dragon on 12/09/18 04:14 PM
Reason: There is no instance of manhack noises in Portal 2 to my knowledge.

By west 8777 on 12/09/18 04:10 PM
Reason: added races and playbooks

By Mishmash on 12/09/18 04:06 PM
Reason: Grammar fix.

By JAKEI 95 on 12/09/18 04:04 PM
Reason: My name was written wrong, and I updated the new Youtube Link.

By Sammettik on 12/09/18 04:03 PM
Reason: quote:The Knight of Cerebus heralds a long-term tone shift in an episodic work and cannot exist within a single installment:unquote

By harostar on 12/09/18 04:03 PM
Reason: He explicitly mentions having been a classmate of the main team.

By Savage Samurai on 12/09/18 04:00 PM
Reason: Bishonen Line is when a character's Super Form becomes more handsome (or human) as well as more powerful, which does not apply to either character.