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By Doctor Cooper on 12/09/18 08:03 PM
Reason: Self Deprecation / Take That Us is not a YMMV trope. The closest thing I think is Take That Scrappy, but I do not know if Iris' hatedom or if that comment are enough for an example.

By Risefrom Your Grave on 12/09/18 08:03 PM
Reason: Some edits.

By Ricardo Renegado on 12/09/18 08:02 PM
Reason: Misuse

By costanton 11 on 12/09/18 08:01 PM
Reason: Fridge pages are Spoilers Off

By justme 13 on 12/09/18 08:00 PM
Reason: you shouldn't contribute too or add too Tvtropes while at your job at the Department of Redundancy Department

By Raz The Giant on 12/09/18 07:57 PM
Reason: Sebastian directly states "She seldom leaves her room. When she does, it's rarely through this door."

By T Dragon on 12/09/18 07:55 PM
Reason: appears in the final chapter

By Dorondes on 12/09/18 07:54 PM
Reason: Added an example under Western Animation

By buckyb on 12/09/18 07:53 PM
Reason: Minor edits.

By KY Cubbie on 12/09/18 07:53 PM
Reason: The linked story on the Yellowstone "loophole" points out that a small number of park employees (and family members) do live within the Montana section of the park.

By T Dragon on 12/09/18 07:52 PM
Reason: This is how the story ends and what it ends with.

By Corahs Uncle on 12/09/18 07:51 PM
Reason: Red link repair

By Scooter 007 on 12/09/18 07:50 PM
Reason: butt in

By Miss Desperado on 12/09/18 07:49 PM
Reason: While tweaking for clarity and conciseness, I merged Raven's Subverted Alas Poor Villain entry with her And There Was Much Rejoicing entry.

By justme 13 on 12/09/18 07:48 PM
Reason: Got PQ confused with Halloween?

By nogenius on 12/09/18 07:46 PM
Reason: Second order ethics is fun

By Arabian-Knight on 12/09/18 07:40 PM
Reason: Adding to the list!

By out-of-usernames on 12/09/18 07:38 PM
Reason: edited Wipeout and NFSHP, added Split/Second

By NOYB on 12/09/18 07:38 PM
Reason: Please don't spoiler-text the trope names. It's the details that are the spoiler. He poses much danger, not "possesses".

By Catgirlthe Crazy on 12/09/18 07:38 PM
Reason: fixing link

By greatpikminfan on 12/09/18 07:36 PM
Reason: Copy-pasted from the Main/ Sandbox because I want to make room and do other drafts there.

By 55 Revolver on 12/09/18 07:34 PM
Reason: I admit I'm not entirely sure if it counts or is even worth mentioning. I just thought I'd add it since my research doesn't indicate she wears any, and I wanted to see if anyone could/would prove me otherwise.

By lalalei 2001 on 12/09/18 07:32 PM
Reason: yami marik won due to plot armor, not luck

By Lionrider on 12/09/18 07:28 PM
Reason: She has range, but she rarely uses it. 99% of her work is low-effort variations on Haruhi Suzumiya.

By Nezumi on 12/09/18 07:27 PM
Reason: Correcting character name misspelling.

By DRCEQ on 12/09/18 07:27 PM

By Willbyr on 12/09/18 07:26 PM
Reason: I think that

By Ferot Dreadnaught on 12/09/18 07:24 PM
Reason: No tropes in page quotes.

By catstuxedo on 12/09/18 07:17 PM
Reason: She was, is, and always will be a biological female, so this doesn't qualify.

By KY Cubbie on 12/09/18 07:16 PM
Reason: 2019 teams now set.

By berg 8793 on 12/09/18 07:14 PM
Reason: Finally added a section for Bun!

By buckyb on 12/09/18 07:13 PM
Reason: The entry removed didn't fit the page standards; either Fridge Horror or WMG would be a better place for it.

By rjd 1922 on 12/09/18 07:11 PM
Reason: No point in capitalizing it like a trope name if it's not linked.

By Market 43 Fan on 12/09/18 07:06 PM
Reason: adding details on Full House/Hallmark connection

By Ano Baka Desu on 12/09/18 07:02 PM
Reason: Ada-1's entry on the Tower.

By Stardust Soldier on 12/09/18 07:00 PM
Reason: Not enough context. It doesn't really say anything about his role as the Big Bad.

By Herald Alberich on 12/09/18 07:00 PM
Reason: Not a main-page trope. This example is already on the Heartwarming page.

By The Great Conversation on 12/09/18 06:59 PM
Reason: Removed recursive link

By Strix Obscuro on 12/09/18 06:58 PM
Reason: spelling correction

By Scooter 007 on 12/09/18 06:58 PM
Reason: addz

By Quanyails on 12/09/18 06:57 PM
Reason: I know this is YMMV, but this is an exaggeration. Out of the 3x5 times I faced Cerberus, I didn't have as much problem with him as a boss like, say, The Bloated One. Was your Poison resistance low?

By DRCEQ on 12/09/18 06:55 PM
Reason: There isn't any song in the entire SAC soundtrack called "Sniper", but there is this one. I didn't know it was used as an ending theme in Japan though.

By Ricardo Renegado on 12/09/18 06:53 PM
Reason: Cleaning

By rjd 1922 on 12/09/18 06:53 PM

By Midello Felteve on 12/09/18 06:50 PM
Reason: SCP-2295

By Quanyails on 12/09/18 06:45 PM
Reason: Not a Bonus Boss. Kallixenia is not treated as any more challenging than other bosses in side-quests.

By God Sammit on 12/09/18 06:42 PM
Reason: edits i wanted to make

By Mr Madman on 12/09/18 06:41 PM
Reason: Started working on my troper page. This is what I have for now until I can get back to it.

By Godzillawolf on 12/09/18 06:39 PM
Reason: Weekly Shonan Jump confirms the two are now evenly matched.

By Mark Lungo on 12/09/18 06:38 PM
Reason: Additions and corrections. Also deleted Trailers Always Spoil because the companions were in no more danger than usual, and their deaths weren't teased in any way.