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By johaanfaust on 12/03/18 05:26 AM
Reason: Fix spelling & link

By Talos 111 on 12/03/18 05:18 AM
Reason: Lancer's bicycle and link to the playing cards brand

By Save Aqua XIII on 12/03/18 05:18 AM
Reason: The novels did in fact reveal that her powers are fullbring, so added.

By Pichu-kun on 12/03/18 05:16 AM
Reason: Moving to Sonic The Animation

By Shorty on 12/03/18 05:14 AM
Reason: Bodied

By fasoman 1996 on 12/03/18 05:11 AM
Reason: Speculation

By Quantum Melody 29 on 12/03/18 05:08 AM
Reason: there was a typo so I fixed it

By adonzo on 12/03/18 05:04 AM
Reason: Source that, google only pulls up other wikis where it was changed without source.

By Elven Angel on 12/03/18 05:02 AM
Reason: typos

By tesseract The Devourer on 12/03/18 04:57 AM
Reason: Added Existential Horror

By Elven Angel on 12/03/18 04:54 AM
Reason: Correcting link

By Bouken Dutch on 12/03/18 04:49 AM
Reason: and it's troped again

By Captain Tedium on 12/03/18 04:48 AM
Reason: Typo.

By superslinger 2007 on 12/03/18 04:45 AM
Reason: Moving trivia element

By Cyril PMG on 12/03/18 04:24 AM
Reason: Shoutout

By Cyril PMG on 12/03/18 04:20 AM

By Shorty on 12/03/18 04:15 AM
Reason: First draft.

By LB 7979 on 12/03/18 04:08 AM
Reason: The beating wasn't meant as a compliment, but to add to the taunting...

By LB 7979 on 12/03/18 03:58 AM
Reason: Moved from Character page

By Psytrainer on 12/03/18 03:57 AM
Reason: Editing sentence to improve flow.

By LB 7979 on 12/03/18 03:56 AM
Reason: Panty Shot is not a character trope; moving to work page

By Sachiyo Hasegawa on 12/03/18 03:49 AM
Reason: Charibasa has only one s

By 4tell0life 4 on 12/03/18 03:21 AM
Reason: I don't think that's an example

By Ingonyama on 12/03/18 03:15 AM
Reason: While it's possible for both these tropes to be true, and Gothel's backstory does provide enough of a Freudian Excuse to induce sympathy from the audience, the moment specifically described applies only to Alice and is thus the in-story trope.

By Mazzafraz on 12/03/18 03:11 AM
Reason: Added Infinite from Sonic Forces

By crazyrabbits on 12/03/18 02:49 AM
Reason: Aside from the fact that The Woobie doesn't allow Real Life examples (at the moment), Shirley Manson is not a fictional character. This is also the wrong page to be writing such an example, and The Woobie was just cleaned a few months back to make the crtieria for entry more stringent.

By Crossover Fan 23 on 12/03/18 02:45 AM
Reason: Added a a small note that the scene at the end of Jiraya`s preview can be taken as a nightmare fuel as well (Would be nice if anyone could add an Ironic "Isn`t like we haven`t enugh of those senes already" (Can`t link it) at the end)

By Fuzzy Barbarian on 12/03/18 02:44 AM
Reason: Nicieza wrote Cable for a long time before he wrote Cable & Deadpool

By greatpikminfan on 12/03/18 02:42 AM
Reason: Regarding "becides:" (whistles in a "nothing to see here" manner.)

By NB 2000 on 12/03/18 02:39 AM
Reason: Page quote has changed, adding in the context.

By The Generic Primate on 12/03/18 02:34 AM
Reason: "Kung Fu Panda 2"

By Cyril PMG on 12/03/18 02:34 AM

By Frozen Evil In A Lake on 12/03/18 02:28 AM
Reason: Zero Context Example. It doesn't explain why he's wangsty, and/or how this affected his popularity with readers.

By Crossover-Enthusiast on 12/03/18 02:28 AM
Reason: That's not Les Yay.

By Frozen Evil In A Lake on 12/03/18 02:26 AM
Reason: Zero Context Example. Entries should stand up on their own, and typically shouldn't just redirect to a different part of the page.

By JM 511 on 12/03/18 02:23 AM
Reason: Spelling Changes

By Sebastian Gray on 12/03/18 02:23 AM
Reason: Added a Warhammer 40000 example

By The Generic Primate on 12/03/18 02:22 AM
Reason: Improvised Lockpick and Storming the Tower

By jormis 29 on 12/03/18 02:18 AM
Reason: Please read Red Link

By kuchiki 222 on 12/03/18 02:13 AM
Reason: That was an Implied Death Threat to Goku, rather than this trope.

By Cyril PMG on 12/03/18 02:13 AM
Reason: Destructive Romance Blackmail

By Ferot Dreadnaught on 12/03/18 02:12 AM
Reason: About twist so obvious audiences expect a subversion.

By Jade Eyes 1 on 12/03/18 02:08 AM
Reason: No; I just had it worded poorly.

By Sebastian Gray on 12/03/18 02:07 AM
Reason: Expanded Jonson's Fatal Flaw example a little. I also removed his and Konrad's Shout Out examples as they are already on the 40K Shout Out page and don't need to be repeated here.

By Khugol on 12/03/18 02:04 AM
Reason: He wasn't that vague actually.

By The Generic Primate on 12/03/18 02:02 AM
Reason: The improvised lockpicks in "Rio" and "Kung Fu Panda 2" are also noteworthy

By timmy 64 on 12/03/18 01:57 AM
Reason: Added trope Product placement

By Divine Flame 100 on 12/03/18 01:43 AM
Reason: Transfering the profile over to your sandbox. I ran out of ideas and can't think of anything else to say about it.

By Bakazuki on 12/03/18 01:42 AM
Reason: I'll try to trim this later.

By Risefrom Your Grave on 12/03/18 01:40 AM
Reason: Some edits.