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By Cyril PMG on 09/12/18 07:02 AM
Reason: Book Ends Foreshadowing

By K H on 09/12/18 07:00 AM
Reason: Updating to account for new episodes of the anime.

By Ultra Wanker on 09/12/18 06:59 AM
Reason: There is drama surrounding this one, removing it appears to be a safe option.

By Oecchi on 09/12/18 06:57 AM
Reason: Putting his name in western order to be consistent with the other names on this page

By mohroy on 09/12/18 06:51 AM
Reason: Slight correction on plot element

By Dante Vin on 09/12/18 06:46 AM
Reason: Resized some images and updated voice actors

By compactwave on 09/12/18 06:45 AM
Reason: They're not on the status screens, and there have been multiple instances in trailers where they should have activated and didn't. With the recent demos as well, somebody at the very least would have reported a Pikachu's Static activating since you go through Viridian Forest and fight trainers with Pokemon who have contact moves.

By illbeback on 09/12/18 06:37 AM
Reason: June Moone/Enchantress vs Gorilla Grodd edited last intro line

By Shiny Aegislash on 09/12/18 06:37 AM
Reason: Changed terms to those used in the revised script.

By Absolutely Average on 09/12/18 06:37 AM
Reason: Removing spoiler tags as per Spoilers Off. Noticed work was done to presumably try to center JAUNE with respect to SWORDMASTER and tried to preserve under different format.

By Xyzaxy on 09/12/18 06:35 AM
Reason: fixed redlink

By Kordalia on 09/12/18 06:33 AM
Reason: Wiki Link

By Hyze on 09/12/18 06:04 AM
Reason: Incorrect trope used.

By Shire Nomad on 09/12/18 06:03 AM
Reason: This bit was removed as "analysis," but if the majority of entries on a page don't play the trope straight, that needs to be addressed in the summary.

By AM NK on 09/12/18 05:58 AM
Reason: Chronological sorting.

By Eddy 1215 on 09/12/18 05:56 AM
Reason: That doesn't fit. If the guy was hoping to get killed, it would make this trope, but it sounds like he wast trying to perform a Heroic Sacrifice and got lucky.

By Larkmarn on 09/12/18 05:51 AM
Reason: Aside from the fact that he, like everyone else in the world, is way harder on Hawkeye, Unfortunate Implications require citations.

By 222 Happy on 09/12/18 05:45 AM
Reason: Expand information on Oliver. Corrected word usage, etc.

By Cyril PMG on 09/12/18 05:44 AM
Reason: Auction

By Cyril PMG on 09/12/18 05:43 AM
Reason: Auction

By luciagarcia 8818 on 09/12/18 05:42 AM
Reason: Name correction

By Cyril PMG on 09/12/18 05:39 AM
Reason: style

By Cyril PMG on 09/12/18 05:39 AM
Reason: style

By Darth Revans Neighbor on 09/12/18 05:37 AM
Reason: New chapter.

By Cyril PMG on 09/12/18 05:36 AM
Reason: Break The Cutie

By DAONG 123 on 09/12/18 05:32 AM
Reason: They do.

By Runny Nose on 09/12/18 05:31 AM
Reason: Divided Subspace Emissary and General tropes into their own folders for convenience.

By Darth Revans Neighbor on 09/12/18 05:14 AM
Reason: New chapter.

By Titan Fire Flies on 09/12/18 05:10 AM
Reason: Saw what I thought was a better photo of Greek Era!Kratos in his Pantheon folder, so I replaced the previous image with this new one. If anybody has objections with the new photo, feel free to change it back to the old one.

By Maths Angelic Version on 09/12/18 05:07 AM
Reason: Fixed some dubious formatting that technically worked, but was needlessly complicated.

By Darth Revans Neighbor on 09/12/18 05:05 AM
Reason: New chapter. Moved the entry to General.

By Piriprimey on 09/12/18 04:43 AM
Reason: fixed link

By REV 6 Pilot on 09/12/18 04:39 AM
Reason: It's a rough start, but it's a start.

By manbemel on 09/12/18 04:37 AM
Reason: Normalizing spoiler warning.

By manbemel on 09/12/18 04:32 AM
Reason: Normalizing spoiler warning.

By Cyril PMG on 09/12/18 04:29 AM

By Arend on 09/12/18 04:16 AM
Reason: Apparently, it was even worse

By Cyril PMG on 09/12/18 04:14 AM

By Cyril PMG on 09/12/18 04:11 AM
Reason: more tropes

By Hvedekorn on 09/12/18 04:04 AM
Reason: Zero-context examples are not allowed.

By Hvedekorn on 09/12/18 04:03 AM
Reason: Zero-context examples are not allowed.

By Saya Aensland on 09/12/18 04:01 AM
Reason: Sim City has its own page.

By crazysamaritan on 09/12/18 03:57 AM
Reason: Replacing Zero Context Example with Cross Wicking.

By crazysamaritan on 09/12/18 03:55 AM
Reason: Correcting to proper names instead of Second Person Pronoun

By Hvedekorn on 09/12/18 03:53 AM
Reason: Since he doesn't fight.

By darkalter 2000 on 09/12/18 03:48 AM
Reason: Death

By Nondescript Larva on 09/12/18 03:19 AM
Reason: Correcting badly-formatted redlink.

By N.Harmonik on 09/12/18 03:18 AM
Reason: Copied from the trope page itself.

By Crossover-Enthusiast on 09/12/18 03:17 AM
Reason: Wah-wah.

By Authentic Waiter on 09/12/18 03:07 AM
Reason: He swears constantly. This is the second time in the same sentence lol