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5th Mar, 2021 02:42:40 PM

If you're saying that Movie 1 is Action Genre and its sequel is Romance, that would be Genre Shift.

There'd be a lot of resistance against distinct tropes for specific "Genre X to Genre Y" moves. And in fact, you could make a case for a sequel having less romance (Disposable Love Interest).

Edited by KD
7th Mar, 2021 08:10:39 AM

I was thinking of a tendency of any movie deciding on going for romance for a sequel, mostly as the idea that the only way to add more drama to the story, it must be through a love interest.

Like Brother Bear, Despicable Me, Ice Age, The Princess Diaries, among others.

Edited by ElBuenCuate
7th Mar, 2021 08:14:49 AM

Relationship Upgrade for situations like the two characters with blatant Belligerent Sexual Tension in the first movie being an Official Couple in the second, no matter whether it's a romance or not.

Ninja'd by OP, second time in a month...: Followup info points to you wanting Romantic Plot Tumor; YMMV for a work adding a romance plot just to have one.

Edited by Scorpion451

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