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4th Mar, 2021 05:45:21 AM

It's not just your grammar that's the problem. You also misuse tropes, post discussions in the wrong place... But yes, I did send you a notifier about bad grammar, and you did discover the Help With English thread, and still you kept posting bad grammar on the wiki without using that thread.

Edited by MichaelKatsuro
4th Mar, 2021 06:19:30 AM

Then I'll try again this time, just at least give me two more chances.

Edited by Leiks
4th Mar, 2021 06:24:54 AM

Good to hear. And this time, don't just say "Can you help me?" Post actual sentences for people to correct.

4th Mar, 2021 11:58:56 AM

Also if you are a ban-evader, then none of us here can help that.

4th Mar, 2021 03:49:30 PM

The worst kind of Sith: Ban eVader.

4th Mar, 2021 03:52:03 PM

I'm glad BERT was on the job

4th Mar, 2021 03:55:01 PM

Okay, that's over with, so let's lock this query since we're not entertaining this guy's questions anymore.


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