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4th Mar, 2021 04:03:45 AM

Yes. These are not allowed, best as I understand it. They should be cut.

4th Mar, 2021 10:58:55 PM

Hrm, further examination reveals that the pages catalogue moments not just from the webcomic but also from roleplays carried out in comment threads on the DeviantArt pages hosting the comic, but Luigifan in particular seems to be one of the main orchestrators of those. (Plus, the AwesomeMusic/ subpage mostly seems to consist of pre-existing tracks the participants have declared to be their characters' themes.)

I can't find anything definitive about whether or not subjective pages about roleplays created by participants therein count as Auto-Erotic Troping; discussions on the subject typically lean towards "Yes, they do," but seemingly not with enough consensus to enshrine "Cut 'em where you find 'em" in wiki policy.

I'm definitely leaning toward cutlisting them but want to be sure I'm not contravening wiki policy by doing so. (And if they stay, they need to be brought into line with the spoiler and indentation policies; Luigifan added a stack of completely spoilered out entries to the Funny/ subpage just today (4 March).)

Edited by mlsmithca
4th Mar, 2021 11:52:02 PM

Participants pointing out each other's moments is kind of like, say, a dozen writers in a show's writer's room settling on a script and high-fiving each other. To outsiders, doing YMMV with each other feels like this work wasn't intended for an audience.

5th Mar, 2021 04:38:32 AM

This sort of thing absolutely sounds like auto-erotic troping to me.

5th Mar, 2021 05:14:56 AM

"(Plus, the AwesomeMusic.White Dark Life subpage mostly seems to consist of pre-existing tracks the participants have declared to be their characters' themes.)"

(added wiki link to that page)

Eww...This sound like misuse to me. They basically listing someone else's awesome music in their page. That's kind of misleading.

Regardless of the other pages, I think this one is objectively wrong.

Edited by Kuruni
5th Mar, 2021 05:40:20 AM

sounds like this should all be cut with a chainsaw

5th Mar, 2021 07:54:01 AM

Added them to cut list.

5th Mar, 2021 08:00:13 AM

Processed, but it probably would've been useful for at least one of them to link to this ATT. I'll add a link to the discussion subpage.

Edited by crazysamaritan

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