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3rd Mar, 2021 06:07:17 PM

They've also been regularly serial tweaking UsefulNotes.Black Lives Matter Movement, mostly with the paragraph related to the Trump administration. They were pinged to the ROCEJ thread to discuss the matter but never showed up.

Edited by mightymewtron
3rd Mar, 2021 07:29:03 PM

^Not showing up to that thread when pinged is arguably more (or at least as) troubling than the edits themselves, honestly. This site can't function without communication.

3rd Mar, 2021 08:16:25 PM

Sent a pm with a link to this ATT.

4th Mar, 2021 07:11:44 AM

They have not addressed the ATT. What is the next course of action?

Edited by SkyCat32
4th Mar, 2021 09:45:54 AM

^ Wait on a moderator to address the matter if nothing else reasonable can be done.

4th Mar, 2021 10:44:23 AM

I edited Landslide Election to show how Brexit debate overshadowed Corbyn's agenda. He didn't lose because of his Socialist views. I can revert the edit on Blair on Overshadowed by the Controversy.

4th Mar, 2021 10:46:38 AM

^ Ah, OK. I think you can revert the Blair edit. Seems I misunderstood the Corbyn bit too. Though the other tropers here asked you about the BLM edits—you might want to respond to them about it.

5th Mar, 2021 02:10:00 PM

I think that due to the sheer number of ROCEJ violations, real life troping, and a near complete lack of fictional appearances, the Boris Johnson page is pretty much unsalvageable. I think it would be better to start over.

Edited by SkyCat32
5th Mar, 2021 05:31:29 PM

^ What do you mean by "start over"? Cut? Rewrite?

5th Mar, 2021 08:18:24 PM

^^ Or just get rid of it completely. There's also the other wiki out there. Not sure why we need the page to begin with.

5th Mar, 2021 08:19:28 PM

We cut the page on Fauci recently. We can cut this one too.

5th Mar, 2021 08:26:09 PM

I mean I'm definitely open to cutting Boris Johnson's page, I agree that it has little-to-no value.

6th Mar, 2021 05:45:28 AM

I think I'll just bring Boris Johnson to the Real Life people cleanup thread.

6th Mar, 2021 05:58:17 AM

Why is there a page on Boris Johnson here? Is he such an everpresent figure in media that it serves some purpose to have a page? Cut the page in its entirety, we lose nothing since the site's focus is supposed to be tropes in media, the other wiki exists for people who want such info (not to mention they are set up to require sourcing and bias controls). Leaving it just attracts edit warring and flame wars.

6th Mar, 2021 04:32:17 PM

I mean, I think it would be better to cut the page, make a sandbox of his useful notes page with only relevant information and media appearances, and swap in the sandbox when it is complete.

v Why do we have useful notes pages on people portrayed in the media, if not to get ideas for how to portray them in fiction using what information we have on them and their fictional portrayals? That said, if there are not enough fictional portrayals of Johnson, the page can be cut.

Edited by SkyCat32
6th Mar, 2021 05:20:00 PM

But what purpose does having a useful notes page on Boris Johnson serve? This is TV Tropes, not Collection of Random Pages on People and Things.

6th Mar, 2021 05:49:50 PM

^^ Is he commonly portrayed in the media though? That's the issue at hand here.

6th Mar, 2021 06:00:48 PM

^ Exactly, he's not Winston Churchill or Benjamin Disraeli ... he's not even at Margaret Thatcher level of pop culture saturation. Are there even three well known portrayals of him in media today?

Add that to the fact that as a current, and controversial, PM, it's just a magnet for partisan flame wars back and forth.

6th Mar, 2021 06:02:23 PM

Right. Sending the page to the cutlist now.

6th Mar, 2021 06:14:26 PM

1) This query is not for discussing UN pages of politicians. 2) Such a question is covered by the ROCEJ thread on the forums. 3) As the purpose of this query has been fulfilled by friendly troper conversation, no moderator action is necessary at this time, so I'm locking it.


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