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When you find yourself trying to remember a show (or any works) that's on the tip of your tongue but just out of reach, come here - the collective brain of the TVTropes community can probably help. Post all the details you can remember (examples help). If you're looking for a trope, head over to Trope Finder. Have general questions about tropes? Visit Ask The Tropers!

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What do you remember about the show?

2nd Mar, 2021 04:39:27 PM

Human.4 by Mike A Lancaster?

(it's got a sequel, 1.4)

2nd Mar, 2021 05:13:27 PM

[No personal attacks, please - Septimus Heap]

Edited by SeptimusHeap
2nd Mar, 2021 05:40:09 PM

This concept sounds super interesting. I love the idea of being behind the scenes. Like, being invisible and getting to see under the curtain of every day life.

So any story that deals with that will interest me.

Is it like, serious about the topic or is it young adult idealism stuff?

2nd Mar, 2021 06:05:38 PM

The story sounds super interesting. Some of these queries are. I wish I could answer more, but I know only much that I know.


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