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2nd Mar, 2021 10:21:27 AM

I think the closest that we have is the short-term project for Referenced by.... I'm not currently going to commit to saying that's the right place or if we need a new one. They are related because one is the mirror of the other. A cleanup of one should involve the creation of the mirror when you come across legitimate examples.

2nd Mar, 2021 05:24:29 PM

It's kind of funny that such a simple trope brings problems. The trope is "this work makes a reference to another word", which is easy. Thorfell makes a "here's Johnny" reference from The Shining in chapter..152?. However, many of the shout outs written are 1) random references that don't explain why something is a reference 2) speculation by the editor, with no Word of God or anyone else to back it up.

Shout-Out needs a clean-up.

Edited by Tomodachi

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