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1st Mar, 2021 04:32:06 PM

Not autistic, but having my own mental health issues, I agree that armchair psychiatry can be very annoying, and oftentimes offensive.

I'm not sure if you're asking if it's okay, which as far as I know it isn't prohibited here, or not. This might be better suited for a forum discussion if you're looking to clarify or make new rules regarding things on the Funny/Awesome/Heartwarming/ets tabs.

1st Mar, 2021 05:13:26 PM

That whole section is just largely irrelevant to the Funny entry anyway. It might make the scene make more sense from that lens, but doesn't necessarily make it funnier. And I speak from the position of an autistic person who does like to headcanon characters as autistic, but not really for the sake of a joke.

EDIT: Also Sirena is right that it doesn't even make much sense. It also has Unfortunate Implications as it implies there's a set way for autistic people to misunderstand social norms, when not only is everybody different, I'd say that everybody has some social norms they mess up while they can understand others.

Edited by mightymewtron
1st Mar, 2021 06:56:51 PM

Here is the Fridge "Brilliance" in question:

A person with some autistic traits like Tilly would know full well or been taught that you shake someone's hand when they offer it to you in greeting, but may not get that you can't just discuss rather personal things with someone without being introduced first.

This isn't even an armchair diagnosis, this is ridiculous. It's not a question of whether making "fun" of autism is permitted or not, the statement itself is factually wrong.

Edited by Sirena
1st Mar, 2021 08:08:36 PM

I'd say it's not even wrong, just nonsensical.

If you're looking to cut any armchair "diagnoses" (to use the term generously) from the page in question, I'd support that. Reading through it, it adds nothing of value to the page while spreading misinformation.


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