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1st Mar, 2021 08:00:19 AM

I've seen other genre pages that include common tropes for the genre, such as Wuxia. Not sure about the troping of specific creepypasta stories included on the page, though.

1st Mar, 2021 10:45:27 AM

^ Then Wuxia should rather be an index I guess? Creepypasta really should go through TRS.

1st Mar, 2021 12:58:32 PM

@mightymewtron, Thank you, I hadn't seen that. I'm not sure exactly what wiki policy is regarding genre pages.

How should I approach bringing it to the TRS?

1st Mar, 2021 01:14:52 PM

There's a bit of a TRS backlog right now I think, but you can add it to Tropes Needing TRS citing this thread and later do a wick check to see how problematic the trope is.

1st Mar, 2021 03:25:14 PM

I left a note about it in Tropes Needing TRS. Misuse of the trope doesn't appear to be a major issue here, but if a wick check is necessary, I can begin one.

1st Mar, 2021 03:33:33 PM

I don't think this issue needs a wick check.


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