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28th Feb, 2021 07:59:37 PM

I already commented it on the draft, but April Fools Jerk has a suspiciously high number of hats.

28th Feb, 2021 08:18:37 PM

^ Yeah, I pointed that out here too.

28th Feb, 2021 08:46:11 PM

I still think the large amount of hats is just because the concept is good (even if the formatting isn't) and because a lot of people who don't know Trope Namer Syndrome just support anything with SpongeBob references.

28th Feb, 2021 08:48:28 PM

Eh, I always tend to find drafts that get that many hats that quickly to, well...smell distinctly of fish, unrelated to that yellow sea-sponge the title is named for. But just because I tend to get overly suspicious of these things doesn't mean you're wrong- we just have no way of knowing since literally nobody popped in to say "hey, I hatted this".

Mods can check who hatted and bombed things now though, so if they look into it they can give us a better idea of how fishy it is or isn't.

Edited by WarJay77
28th Feb, 2021 09:04:59 PM

Their other two drafts don't have too many hats, so maybe there wasn't any funny business going on. Still, the hats around April Fools Jerk just seemed suspicious. I remember that the hats would keep up with the bombs consistently.

1st Mar, 2021 06:54:01 AM

His (?) TLP proposals aren't all bad, to be honest. They did make Pre-Final Boss, which is a decent concept on it's own, but then completely abandoned it and left the draft to be adopted by someone else, who then proceeds to whip it back into a decent shape.

I think the user in question is one of those people who goes by the "I have a ton of cool new trope ideas, but I'm too lazy to keep every single one of them updated constantly" mentality, hence the pile of TLP drafts that sounds cooked up on the spot.

1st Mar, 2021 09:39:11 AM

The ideas are okay, but the sheer lack of effort and refusal to work on their drafts afterward is the issue.

1st Mar, 2021 10:26:11 AM

It could be that they just don't want the TLP idea to be forgotten, and are putting ANYTHING out there in the hope that someone will latch onto it.

1st Mar, 2021 10:41:23 AM

^ If so, they should use the Trope Idea Sounding Board and/or the Trope Idea Salvage Yard for ideas they can't focus on.

1st Mar, 2021 11:03:52 AM

^^ Writing a draft with the intention to put it up for grabs soon after is against the rules. The TLP already has 7904 drafts that need work, it doesn't need drafts with debatable tropability.

1st Mar, 2021 11:24:03 AM

If they're not responding to the posts in their drafts, maybe someone should send them a PM to try to get some sort of explanation.

1st Mar, 2021 11:55:15 AM

I wasn't saying it was acceptable. Just offering a possible explanation for the behavior.

1st Mar, 2021 12:11:56 PM

^^ I wouldn't call it "not responding" so much as "complete abandonment".

1st Mar, 2021 03:21:25 PM

I'm not trying to be difficult, but aren't those two pretty much the same thing? Or are you saying that it's different because they're also not editing?

1st Mar, 2021 03:36:15 PM

Read I Need To Get Off This Site's troper page. I think they're not coming back.

1st Mar, 2021 03:38:11 PM

Oh damn dude i thought you needed a career to retire but i guess not

1st Mar, 2021 03:38:11 PM

↑ ↑ ↑ "Not responding" implies that they're seeing the responses and ignoring them, "complete abandonment" is moving on to other things entirely and leaving the potential tropes in the dust.

And yeah, it's safe to say they're gone, so the problem's likely solved either way. I've cut listed their troper page since they've just left it as an insult to the site as a whole.

↑ Bean, unnecessary comments like that are part of what we were telling you to fix in the previous discussion. You can dislike other tropers all you want, but there's no reason to jump in with a rude comment like that when the problem is already solved

1st Mar, 2021 03:56:49 PM

...welp. I guess that's settled then?

1st Mar, 2021 03:59:53 PM

Assuming they're being serious, I'd assume so, yeah.

↓ A whoooooooole lot of stuff regarding the 2020 election, and that's all I'm gonna say here.

1st Mar, 2021 05:17:08 PM

The troper has left the site and left their page as an outcry against the site as a whole - assuming they're being serious, there's no reason to keep the page up as it insults the site's alleged "political leanings"


1st Mar, 2021 05:32:23 PM

Agree with Warjay. Subject troper just posts and leaves, with minimal effort and no attempt to update, fix, take suggestions, address criticism, etc.

1st Mar, 2021 05:36:55 PM

Enough. The problem has been solved if the troper is serious about leaving the site. Any more replies at this point are just unnecessarily bumping this thread and taking attention away from other queries that need it. Please stop replying to this.

1st Mar, 2021 06:11:19 PM

^ Thanks, Kev. I'm requesting a lock on this now.


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