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27th Feb, 2021 01:08:40 PM

If you want you could start a thread in Short-Term Projects but we might need some more input before a thread is agreed to be started. What does everyone else think?

27th Feb, 2021 01:20:54 PM

I'd be down for that. Honestly, there are a lot of examples that feel incredibly shoehorned in (the one that sticks out to me is one saying that Light Yagami's Kira thing is essentially a Scheherezade Gambit), but I never feel comfortable taking them down because I don't want to cause an edit war - plus, it is YMMV, so I guess if someone believes it, it's fair game. I'd welcome a cleanup effort - honestly, a long-term thread wouldn't be a terrible idea

27th Feb, 2021 01:25:14 PM

^^ Honestly I think it's more of a long-term thing, similar to other highly misused tropes and YMMV items that will always be shoehorned onto work pages.

^ Yeah, that's why I think a cleanup thread would work - to get input from other fans.

Edited by mightymewtron
27th Feb, 2021 01:48:15 PM

If Long-Term is where it should go, then go ahead and put it there. I'm alright with a cleanup thread for this trope.

27th Feb, 2021 10:18:55 PM

I've also seen this being used to interpret an individual's motivations for singular actions. Is that misuse?


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