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23rd Feb, 2021 08:39:52 AM

Hmm. I don't recall if we have a particular policy on cancelled games. If there's no playable release, I guess they'd be treated as upcoming works but with a release date of "never"? And if there is a playable release, we can just trope that.

e: Oh, wait, lmao there's literally a "What if the product is cancelled?" section on that very page. There's your answer, then.

Edited by wingedcatgirl
23rd Feb, 2021 09:41:35 AM

Alright then. What we do with these pages. Especially the command and conquer character page for a game that doenst exist ?

23rd Feb, 2021 09:47:12 AM

The current policy doesn't deal well with canceled-but-technically-available works, but that would be a matter for the forums.

23rd Feb, 2021 10:10:59 AM

So should i take it to the thread to discuss.

23rd Feb, 2021 11:08:59 AM

On Command & Conquer (2013), it pretty much falls in the situation already described here: "Any trope examples based on marketing or advertising may still be listed, as said marketing/advertising still exists and can be referenced.". Since the alpha version is nowhere to be found but there are still plenty of videos and advertising available, the page can be kept as it is.

23rd Feb, 2021 11:48:43 AM

So that people can misuse Broken Base when they mean Tainted by the Preview. And so that people can complain about a female character who fights sexism, and how this character is obviously worse than women for whom "the only time their gender comes up is with pronoun usage."

Edited by Serac
23rd Feb, 2021 11:49:43 AM

^Looking at it, that probably needs to be cut. Neither of those would have enough material to document anything even if the work were going to be released.

23rd Feb, 2021 01:25:38 PM

Should i cutlist it. Hard to have audience reactions on a work that doesnt even exist anymore.

23rd Feb, 2021 02:56:25 PM

We have a whole index of Canceled Video Games, so it's allowed. And no, you shouldn't cutlist the YMMV or Characters pages just because it was never released.

Edited by rjd1922
23rd Feb, 2021 03:12:55 PM

What audience reactions can you have for a game that doesn't actually come out. Their is no fanbase to get fan reactions from ?

23rd Feb, 2021 03:19:06 PM

^ Agreed. This page should go.

Especially since the only two tropes on it are explicitly meant for post-viewing.

24th Feb, 2021 12:26:20 PM

Edit: Page is cutlisted it seems.

Edited by miraculous
24th Feb, 2021 01:33:10 PM

The game and series absolutely have a fanbase, even if the game naver came out. Shouldn't the Broken Base entries have been moved to Tainted by the Preview? Though the gender stuff in the last one might be an isue.

  • The lack of single player at first caused quite an uproar.
  • The lack of USA being playable, or even a role, was a sore spot for some even if the EU is its Spiritual Successor.
  • The GLA being made more 'politically correct' received some criticism, while others have welcomed the change as it moves beyond a caricature and becomes more representative of a global uprising.
  • The APA being portrayed as the protagonists, particularly given their list of generals is not very flattering. Among them are a pyromaniac who joined the military under a false name (Inferno), a man who gives no shits about The Laws and Customs of War (Beast), a person who has explicit mental problems is in charge of nukes (1,000 Suns), and the only female general (Red Arrow) is explicitly running against sexism. Compared to the European Union's, whose worst general (Bulldog) just wants to return Europe to its place of prominence, and both the GLA and EU have two female generals and the only time their gender comes up is with pronoun usage.

Edited by rjd1922
24th Feb, 2021 02:02:40 PM

Once again. None of this actually happened. A lot this falls down to speculative troping as is.

24th Feb, 2021 11:13:02 PM

Considering Broken Base requires six months to pass after the work's release, six months after never is still never.

24th Feb, 2021 11:55:50 PM

^Hence why I said they should be moved to Tainted by the Preview, which Serac seemed to imply.

Edited by rjd1922
25th Feb, 2021 12:24:07 AM

I misread, but since Tainted by the Preview involves comparisons between prerelease material and the final product, it doesn't apply without a final product to compare to prerelease material.

25th Feb, 2021 10:08:38 AM

^That's news to me. In fact, I remember Tainted by the Preview being one of the few things allowed on YMMV pages for unreleased works according to the cleanup thread. Also, the trope description specifically says it's an Audience Reaction that happens before release.

Edited by rjd1922
26th Feb, 2021 11:50:58 AM

^^ Honestly nothing in Tainted by the Preview indicates that there has to be a comparison between preview and final product. It seems the trope applies any time people react negatively to anything shown in the preview.

About criticism sounding too plaintive: if really this sorta criticism was brought up, I see nothing wrong with mentioning it. YMMV doesn't necessarily reflect the troper's view.


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