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23rd Feb, 2021 04:48:00 AM

Iím pretty sure those pages were never self demonstrating. Someone correct me if Iím wrong.

But yeah, we donít need more self demonstrating articles. Superman is definitely not a distinct enough voice to get one. Spider-Man would be a maybe, but there would have to be a convincing argument other than ďI think he should get oneĒ.

23rd Feb, 2021 04:56:09 AM

Spideys one of the most funny, charming, heartwarming and personalized everymen in fiction and he predated deadpool and dante in being trash talking larger than life hero who laughs and plays with his foes while having fun doing it.

And he's got more meme potential and relevance now thanks to the mcu movies and spiderverse movie.

23rd Feb, 2021 05:49:52 AM

When it comes to making a self-demonstrating page, whether a character is funny and charming is quite irrelevant. The criteria for creating such an article are as follows:

  • The character must have an interesting speech pattern;
  • The character must have a peculiar quirk that translates well to an article; and
  • The character must have an unique personality that can be maintained for the entirety of the page.

Superman definitely does not fulfill these conditions, though Spider-Man is a bit more complicated. Though it's true that his sharp wit is one of his more recognizable traits, the fact is that Spidey has been subjected to multiple interpretations across the years and underwent significant Adaptation Personality Change as a result. The MCU itself is a prime example of this, since their incarnation of Peter Parker has little in common with his comic book self: In the films, he is a hyperactive, impulsive teenager who actively pursues romance and idolizes other superheroes; while in the comics he is a loner with a notorious inferiority complex, but also has a strong sense of responsibility which his MCU self lacks. Personally, I reckon it would be hard to make these two voices compatible, but there is still room for debate.

27th Feb, 2021 04:56:32 AM

Well couldnt you make it in his drake bell voice then, thats an interpretation of a basic simplicity of him at his most quirkest.

27th Feb, 2021 06:29:11 AM

Desert, you havenít given any good reason for him to get one other than ďI want itĒ.

Unless you plan on making an actual case, itís probably best to drop the matter.

27th Feb, 2021 12:27:39 PM

^^ if you think it would work, why not write up a couple paragraphs for the page in that style, so other people can see what you're thinking?

Willbyr MOD
27th Feb, 2021 06:03:03 PM

Self-Demonstrating pages are some of the most superfluous and lowest priority pages that could be added to the wiki. I'm not going to absolutely say no one should make an attempt to do this, but there's a lot of other things that would do us more good.


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