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20th Feb, 2021 07:58:23 AM

As far as I know, cut pages are gone permanently.

20th Feb, 2021 08:06:43 AM

Mods can restore I believe.

21st Feb, 2021 07:03:56 PM

Bump. Any mods have an opinion on this?

21st Feb, 2021 10:10:29 PM

Honestly, wouldn't it be preferable to rebuild from scratch? Even if the page were restored it wouldn't have the qualifying content that came out between now and then on it. There's also the likelihood that the previous content would need to be tweaked, commented out, and/or deleted.

22nd Feb, 2021 12:48:59 AM

Yes, in such cases redoing from scratch is also possible.

22nd Feb, 2021 07:54:19 AM

I have restored Diablo IV from an archive at Sandbox.Release Date Less Work Descriptions, based on the consensus here. Anyone interested in adding tropes and updating the description can do so.

Edited by Albert3105
22nd Feb, 2021 08:06:24 AM

^ Oooh, not good. You need to have at least three actual tropes for the work to warrant a page.

22nd Feb, 2021 09:13:31 AM

^ Probably should move the page to Diablo IV otherwise the video game page will have to be recut again in about three days.

22nd Feb, 2021 12:04:26 PM

I'll rewatch the class trailers later today or tomorrow and make 3 examples from there. Thought someone was already going to rush in today, but no.

Edited by Albert3105
22nd Feb, 2021 05:43:23 PM

I've been at work, but I'll get it now.

I didn't know what the page looked like before; the cut reason only mentioned it being an unreleased work, not that it was also a stub.

22nd Feb, 2021 05:51:40 PM

Alright, got four tropes on the page, and it's indexed. It's a start.

22nd Feb, 2021 06:59:10 PM

Alphatater hid your edits due to a lack of citation. You may want to add tropes you can cite.

22nd Feb, 2021 07:01:45 PM

^^ The unreleased works cleanup thread has commented out your entries for breaking the unreleased works rules (you gave no citations). The page is in danger of being cut again for being a stub.

It would be good if the page was moved to the Sandbox namespace to give people a chance to work on it without worrying about the page being cut.

EDIT - Ninja'd as per ^.

Edited by Ngamer01

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