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18th Feb, 2021 03:01:30 PM

You need to have at least three tropes and a description in order to make the page to begin with.

You could always make a Sandbox to draft the pages before moving them to the right page, or put them in the Trope Launch Pad for feedback.

18th Feb, 2021 03:03:01 PM

There was a discussion about these pages earlier ...

18th Feb, 2021 05:15:33 PM

Having read the above thread, OP, now that you're willing to talk about this, why did you blank Film.Brotherhood when it had valid examples?

Edited by Dirtyblue929
18th Feb, 2021 05:54:25 PM

Just for clarification, the pages remained without tropes for at least a month while the image caption was serially tweaked.

18th Feb, 2021 05:56:30 PM

Yeah, DL, if you were going to add tropes, you should've done it before messing around with an image for many, many, many edits.

19th Feb, 2021 03:07:36 AM

I understand but it was taken down without any notice. I promise I can make the trope pages work but you should have given me notice before you took them down seeing as Iím the only one making edits on those works. Please can you put them back and I will make the necessary additions to not violate the terms. Just give me time.

19th Feb, 2021 05:04:09 AM

The rules do state that if a page doesn't have enough tropes, then it runs the risk of being sent to the cut list. That's your notice, and it's enough notice. It's your responsibility to read the rules. It's not that reasonable to ask them to send an individual notice when, in the rules, you've already been told.

Edited by MichaelKatsuro
19th Feb, 2021 11:41:56 AM

^^ DL, the page sat for at least a month, probably more, without any edits save your obsessive tweaking of the image. You had plenty of time to add three (the bare minimum) tropes with full context.

And again you still haven't said why you blanked the page

20th Feb, 2021 10:18:23 AM

I didnít I moved the tropes on the page to another page because there was an issue with names, I didnít know how to sort it out without moving the page and because the other film called Brother that is on the page Film/Brotherhood has a different foreign language name and you were using the US name not itís actual name, I thought it would be better to create a separate page for it with itís actual name and use the Brotherhood page for the work I was working on

20th Feb, 2021 05:42:11 PM

You might also want to explain this: why does your page for Stormzy look suspiciously similar to...

I dunno, the same musician's wikipedia page?

Edited by RobertTYL
20th Feb, 2021 06:31:07 PM

^^ That's not how it works. You can't just remove content from one page and make it all about an unrelated work, even if they do share a title. That's what disambigs are for.

Plus, you didn't move the content elsewhere, at least not as far as I can tell.

21st Feb, 2021 02:54:57 PM

I moved the tropes to Film/Ikhwene which is the name of the film in itís native language.

Regarding the Stormzy page Iíll make edits to the bio everything else is my own work, sorry for plagiarising it was a mistake.

21st Feb, 2021 03:22:56 PM

^ Okay, but that's not how our localization policy works. I don't know what the administrivia page for the policy is, but if a work has been localized in English, you need to use its English name as the title of the page.

Also, courtesy link. To link to articles with single-word names, you need to use {{double curly brackets}}.

Edited by Serac
21st Feb, 2021 03:25:49 PM

Ok thank you very much and apologies, is there anything I should do to rectify these mistakes?

21st Feb, 2021 04:31:14 PM

^ Yes there is. You should carefully read through the Administrivia pages. I especially recommend the "Editing Basics" section. There's Tips For Editing, How to Write an Example and Text Formatting Rules. Of even bigger importance is the "Don'ts" section. Note that you can get suspended by mods if you don't follow those guidelines. Especially writing Natter, participating in Edit Wars or making Justifying Edits and so on will lead to suspension. If you get suspended, the mods will only lift the suspension after you convinced them that you know what the issue was and will not make the mistake again. Therefore, it makes sense to read the guidelines first.

After you read the guidelines you can go through your edits and fix those where you violated the guidelines. If you're not sure, there are dedicated forum threads where you can ask.

Edited by Sirena
22nd Feb, 2021 04:12:38 AM

I've taken the liberty to erase the plagiarized content from Stormzy's page. If anyone wants to rewrite the rapper's bio, use your own source.

We do not tolerate plagiarism kindly on this website. Moderators are known to boot copycats and content thief in a moment's notice.

^ I practically saved your ass from a potential suspension, you have anything else to say?

V Got it, Mike. :D

Edited by RobertTYL
22nd Feb, 2021 04:30:06 AM

Tone, Robert. At least say "rescued your derriere."

22nd Feb, 2021 06:03:03 AM

I will say thank you and Iím sorry for plagiarising it was a mistake and I altered the text afterwards earlier before you deleted it. I am grateful and Iím sorry for my mistakes I am new to this.

22nd Feb, 2021 06:05:32 AM

Please may I try again, I promise to not plagiarise and I promise to Do Better

23rd Feb, 2021 02:04:12 AM

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