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14th Feb, 2021 06:11:43 PM

The page was created by Jamespolk. The troper who started spamming edits blanked it.

14th Feb, 2021 06:21:25 PM

The offending user who blanked Film.Brotherhood is Tropers.DL 32918623.

They are also the one who is Serial Tweaking Film.Adulthood.

14th Feb, 2021 06:28:22 PM

DL is a very bad serial tweaker.

Other weird things of note:

  • They made AwesomeMusic.Top Boy which is not only full of ZCE, but basically just a tracklist of the soundtrack.
  • They made Awesome.Top Boy, which has a ton of folders with no content (a few folders do have entries though, so you can just remove the folders and have a normal Awesome page) and multiple images under the folders, which were recently deemed not allowed.
  • They made Headscratchers.Top Boy (I guess they really like this series) with only one question - "What happened between seasons 2 and 3???" Which...isn't really a Headscratcher as written, just something every fan wonders when there's a time gap between seasons.

14th Feb, 2021 06:28:30 PM

DL32918623 created the Adulthood page.

14th Feb, 2021 06:31:40 PM

There's also The Hood Trilogy page, with lots of edits by the same user.

Edited by shadowblack
15th Feb, 2021 03:14:32 PM

Adulthood was cut. Has anyone sent stub/appropriate notifiers?

15th Feb, 2021 03:34:03 PM

Is there a notifier for "don't blank shit"? Because that's my concern here.

15th Feb, 2021 03:46:57 PM

Can't think of many reasons one would delete page contents in good faith but the stub notifier would be for Adulthood and The Hood Trilogy. I guess blanking technically makes the page a stub.

15th Feb, 2021 06:10:02 PM

Jamespolk just sent me a message and they theorize that the blanking was because DL is making a page for a different Brotherhood movie. The image that's on the page now is for the other movie.

15th Feb, 2021 06:56:19 PM

Oh come on, how many movies named "Brotherhood" are there?

Ö incidentally, I was actually thinking of making a page for the old Shaw Brothers gangster flick, Brotherhood (1976) and checking if the name "Brotherhood" was taken. And then I found the badly vandalized page and had to put the project aside.

Seriously, could we make something like "Hero"?

15th Feb, 2021 07:24:24 PM

If it's just movies named "Brotherhood", We'd migrate the original page's content to Film/Brotherhood[(year of release)] and turn the original Film/Brotherhood page into a disambiguation.

Edited by Crossover-Enthusiast
15th Feb, 2021 10:41:43 PM

I didn't consider this could be a title collision issue. So disambiguate Film.Brotherhood as

19th Feb, 2021 03:13:48 AM

I understand why u cut the pages I made but at least give me notice for most of them, you say Iím a serial bad tweaked yet Iím forced to make these pages alone and as youíve hopefully seen with what Iím doing with the Series/Top Boy Iím working on it but if you really want to help the problem help me work productively instead of just making me not work. Thereís a serious misrepresentation in TV Tropes and your administration needs more work still. I also created Music/Stormzy by myself which has been used in Watch Dogs:Legion and wouldnít exist without me. Youíve also failed all the British soap opera pages and have almost zero representation of modern day British artists especially of the Grime scene. So next time before you cut all my pages please at least try researching the work and see how much I have to fill in. Now please help me redo those pages you cut and I promise it will be worth it!

19th Feb, 2021 06:13:17 AM


Youíve also failed all the British soap opera pages and have almost zero representation of modern day British artists especially of the Grime scene.

So what? The goal is not to represent British media well. Anyone can create work pages. If your favorite British soap is missing you are free to create a page, just don't expect others to thank you for it. When creating a page make it a decent one from the start. And never blank pages.

19th Feb, 2021 06:41:05 AM

^^ We have given you notice. The rules clearly state that if a page doesn't have enough tropes, it'll get cut. If you didn't bother reading the rules, that's on you. If you did read the rules, but expected to be told a second time about what you already knew, then that's also on you.

19th Feb, 2021 10:28:47 AM

And again, you blanked a page. You still need to address that.

19th Feb, 2021 10:28:47 AM


Edited by WarJay77
19th Feb, 2021 11:57:52 AM

We can also add misuse of notifiers to the list given that DL sent me a notifier for first-person voice on AwesomeMusic.Live Action TV for... removing the entry for AwesomeMusic.Top Boy ahead of sending it to the cutlist for consisting solely of a general example and a list of tracks.

19th Feb, 2021 07:04:12 PM

Well, it doesn't seem like they're going to stop anytime soon. DL also made a pile of sub-pages to Top Boy, which consists of tons and tons of folders... without any content, except for maybe some random images.

Check the edit history, all of them are last edited sometime before July 2020.

Exhibit A: Heartwarming Top Boy

Exhibit B: Funny Top Boy (this one had a null edit yesterday, but is otherwise untouched since June 2020)

Exhibit C: Nightmare Top Boy

Edited by RobertTYL
19th Feb, 2021 07:08:10 PM

Those can all be cutlisted then.

20th Feb, 2021 12:06:11 AM

The Tearjerker subpage for the same series had the same problem - lots of empty folders, several with images in them - and only has one example tree, added just yesterday. I've stripped the page of the empty folders and extra images, leaving only the example tree.

But both that and the Characters/ page (as is typical for that namespace) continue to reveal problems: yet more empty folders, zero-context examples, misuse of spoiler tags (entire entries, trope name and all), grammar problems (a particularly persistent one being not putting punctuation at the end of a trope entry), and more.

20th Feb, 2021 10:22:26 AM

The point is that I have to make the edits by myself Iím sorry for breaking the rules and not doing as much as possible to circumvent that. I will start making those changes on the pages now. Regarding everything else I was just stating a fact that some pages get more edits than others and thatís an issue just like the one you had because I was leaving folders blank. Iíll start removing those and fixing the issues immediately. And I will use the preview function rather than random edits. Sorry for the inconvenience

20th Feb, 2021 01:16:36 PM

You still have yet to explain why you deleted everything on Film.Brotherhood that one time...

20th Feb, 2021 02:11:53 PM

Going to try and merge this other thread with this one since it seems we're all discussing the same thing.

Apparently DL wanted to make a work page but the name was already taken by another work of the same name. So instead of creating a new page, he simply blanked this page and then ... did nothing but edit the image. Multiple times. For at least a month (the page history is gone, but I think it sat for many months).

So DL vandalized another work, serially tweaked an image/caption for months and is now complaining that no one else would fill in the minimum three tropes, and has opened yet another thread asking people to clean up his mess.

20th Feb, 2021 03:03:46 PM

^ Well, I think you misunderstood their intentions about the last part. Before, I sent them notifiers for zero context in the Tearjerker subpage and for the Awesome subpage where I explained that there shouldn't have to be entries for every episode as this is not how Awesome pages get written. They however think it is necessary. They also seem to feel morally obligated to write those entries as they think the show is of cultural significance to the UK and they complained that they are the only ones contributing to their project. So I think they are not asking others to clean up the articles...

They also seem to be aware now that there need to be three examples on a work page. I had cut listed the Headscratchers subpage which didn't contain any headscratchers (but three one liners and a sub bullet point abuse). For months it only contained one non-headscratcher and after it being mentioned in the discussion they added another two.

In the other ATT thread someone already pointed them to the TLP and the Sandbox.

I don't think they agree that a page has to be publishable before it can be published.

20th Feb, 2021 06:32:43 PM

Hey, uh, DL. Do you know what sandboxes are?

20th Feb, 2021 07:23:44 PM

Alright, this is a little out of hand, so I've consolidated everything in an official report.

20th Feb, 2021 07:27:59 PM

Thank you, STAR. Was about to consider PM'ing a mod.

21st Feb, 2021 03:17:38 PM

How do I access the Sandbox boss?

21st Feb, 2021 04:02:53 PM

It's a namespace where you can create pages as you wish (as long as you don't violate general guidelines, cf. Five P). However, pages that don't serve any purpose might still be cut. Don't create more than one sandbox for a project.

21st Feb, 2021 04:18:27 PM

Understood, once again I wanna apologise for all the hassle as you can see Iím a new Troper and I should be holding more respect to all of you moderators and should be more careful of the rules. I want to help this community not be a detriment to it.

21st Feb, 2021 04:19:26 PM

^ None of us here in this discussion are mods. We're just ordinary tropers like you.

22nd Feb, 2021 01:33:16 PM

Ok well Iím still sorry for all my mistakes I hope I can make up for them

22nd Feb, 2021 08:56:24 PM

Be warned, if you rewrite the descriptions to remove the plagiarism, repeatedly bad punctuation (as exhibited in several of your latest replies here) is a bannable offense if this bad punctuation ends up in trope pages. Yes, seriously. Consistently poor grammar like this in trope pages has been an extremely common reason for people getting banned from TV Tropes.

If you are not confident in your grammar and punctuation skills, the Get Help With English thread is specifically to ask for help in such a situation.

Edited by Albert3105
23rd Feb, 2021 12:57:18 AM

Iíve added a (non-plagiarised) paragraph to Stormzyís bio. If any of you think my grammar or anything else needs to improve please let me know, and I hope the pages I am currently active in are up to standard.

23rd Feb, 2021 01:06:06 AM

There are some problems with the English in the post, yeah.

23rd Feb, 2021 03:29:37 AM

Well, I fixed them, but it might be good for you to start using the Help With English thread.

23rd Feb, 2021 03:32:58 AM

Iíve looked at the thread. Have I still made errors though?

23rd Feb, 2021 03:44:49 AM

When I say "using the Help With English thread," I mean that you should post things there for proofreading.

23rd Feb, 2021 03:59:13 AM

Ok, thank you! I will do so.

23rd Feb, 2021 07:16:49 AM

Also DL, well this post is kinda self-defeating. But each time you write a reply in a ATT query and basically anywhere else, it will bump the query or thread to the top. That's why you should make as few replies as possible unless it's something important. There are many other important threads that also deserve to be seen. Also, for the same reason, avoid making multiple threads for the same issue. Instead, you can edit your previous post and add a v to point to the post below.

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