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9th Jan, 2021 05:28:23 AM

Also, if I put the article on the cutlist, (, will it delete the image as well? I don't know how to put it on the cutlist because I don't know what Wiki Word is.

9th Jan, 2021 05:43:57 AM

That's not a valid reason to cut a page. Most images we use here are fair use, so we don't generally label them as such except for linking to the source if it's fanart used with permission. I've restored the image. Wiki Word just means the namespace and title you use to link to a page, in this case Literature/TheEnlightenedSeries which links to The Enlightened Series.

9th Jan, 2021 05:47:28 AM

Okay. Thank you for clearing this up. The fear has been keeping me awake at night.

9th Jan, 2021 06:09:38 AM

^Don't worry about it. Even with images that genuinely violate copyright (like an entire comic strip), we remove it, but don't generally punish the troper who added it.


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