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12th Dec, 2020 02:11:43 PM

While I was reading your post and you mention Hearts of Iron, it made me think about Total War: Shogun 2's Fall of the Samurai campaign, which transforms the Boshin War (lasted 17 months with 8,200 fatalities) into a chaotic Japan-sprawling civil war that can last up to 12 years and the player alone might rack up a body count exceeding 100,000. That example is listed as Artistic License History.

I can't speak for web originals. In video games at least, I don't know that it's always about making things dark, but rather Rule of Fun so the player has obstacles to overcome, villains to thwart, heroes to cheer for, and so on. Sometimes actual history doesn't always deliver. How many stories with Jack the Ripper are completely true to history, and how many give him a Historical Villain Upgrade?

That may not be a straight answer, but I hope it helps.

Edited by KD
12th Dec, 2020 02:20:20 PM

Thanks for the reply, mate. You kind of have a point with Jack... I can imagine a piece of fiction set in alt-history Victorian Britain, where Jack becomes some sort of influential figure. So, that would be a vote cast for Rule of Fun or Rule of Cool.

Will wait if anyone wants to throw their own three cents.


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