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6th Dec, 2020 04:18:38 PM

A real-life cat that happens to like standing on two legs would never be a Funny Animal. It's a completely different notion.

This seems a little dicey because just filming some real-life cats would not involve too many Tropes.

Now, if Claire is creating storylines that are completely independent of what the cats are really doing, that's something that's tropeable. So if Lulu is a character that acts more intelligent and mocks all the other cats for walking on all fours, you might have a case for Four Legs Good, Two Legs Better.

7th Dec, 2020 12:05:16 AM

I agree with KD. A real life cat isn't something that can be troped. A real animal, by definition, would be a normal animal, which is mentioned as the bottom rung of the Sliding Scale of Anthropomorphism, but isn't given it's own trope due to being deemed People Sit On Chairs.

Your other query about doing voiceovers for the animals might be tropable, though I can't find it. Something like Gag Dub, perhaps.

10th Dec, 2020 05:14:08 AM

It sounds like Non-Anthropomorphic Animals Doing Anthropomorphic Things, but that's too unwieldy a name for a trope — and too general.


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