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25th Nov, 2020 01:31:38 PM

Do you mean Trivia.The Others and YMMV.The Others? Both of these are referring to Film.The Others. It is just likely that no one has added Trivia or YMMV for the other works.

25th Nov, 2020 01:35:46 PM

All the tropes there are about the movie. When there are several works with the same name, there's usually a headline showing where tropes for one end and another begin.

27th Nov, 2020 10:04:39 AM

Thanx for your answers.

Yep it's about the Trivia, YMMV and most of the non-media related categories: I've seen no mention anywhere of what they relate to.

Shouldn't it be written somewhere on those pages? Can it be added?

27th Nov, 2020 10:07:37 AM

For example, Trivia.The A Team, handles both the old 1980's TV show, and the 2010 movie. It separates the two on the page with asscaps.

The Series



I don't know if that's standard, but that's how that page does it.

EDIT: Actually, it occurs to me, caps isn't the way to do this, it should be headers. Changing that.

Edited by Mimic1990
27th Nov, 2020 10:09:50 AM

I added banners pointing to the film. No need to add banners for the other works if there are no Trivia or YMMV tropes for them yet.


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