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26th Oct, 2020 04:00:29 PM

My guess is that the work page was cut for being a stub, and no one caught that it had a subpage?

26th Oct, 2020 04:43:42 PM

We don't have the main article because this headscratchers page was made in 2012 by an IP address rather than a real user. I'm going to cutlist it.

26th Oct, 2020 06:20:03 PM

creating a headscratchers page that doesn't have a corresponding main article doesn't seem like something that should be possible on this site.

26th Oct, 2020 06:27:20 PM

Add that to the Wishlist. Such an idea shouldn't affect Headscratcher subpages because it would be overly restrictive. We don't have a common problem with people making unattached subpages.

27th Oct, 2020 05:09:35 AM

This isn't the first time there's a reocurrence of a subpage without a main page; I've seen Trivia and YMMV pages without main pages. Why though?

27th Oct, 2020 06:41:57 AM

Sometimes people cutlist the main page for whatever reason (such as being a stub) and forget to cut the subpages. And other times, people don't know that subpages need to be attached to a main page and just make them pre-orphaned like this one.


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