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22nd Oct, 2020 09:52:46 PM

Millennium is the common name for the series. Seeing as there's already another work at Literature.Millennium, Millennium Series or The Millennium Series should do.

23rd Oct, 2020 03:36:36 AM

Moving them to Lizbeth Salander is unwise, partly because her name doesn't have a Z in it and partly because the series is never referred to by that name otherwise. So I agree with Twiddler's name ideas.

23rd Oct, 2020 07:26:08 PM

Millennium Series it is, then. I'll start moving things around when I get a spare moment.

15th Nov, 2020 04:21:08 PM

Okay, I've finally begun work on the new Literature page.

16th Nov, 2020 04:45:38 AM

FYI, on potentially differentiating the Swedish and American film adaptations: Usually, identically named works in the same category (such as repeated film adaptations) have their year of release appended, which allows differentiation. Example: The Parent Trap (1961) and The Parent Trap (1998)

16th Nov, 2020 07:10:26 AM

For the films, Transatlantic Equivalents are generally disambiguated by country.

16th Nov, 2020 11:38:45 PM

^^ In this case, I don't believe it will be necessary to note the years of release, as the Swedish movies formed a trilogy, whereas the American remakes only cover the first and fourth books, and those were released far enough apart that Spider's Web could be seen as a film unrelated to Dragon Tattoo.

17th Nov, 2020 02:16:07 AM

Would it be a good idea to give each book its own page. Maybe keep the millennium page for general tropes

2nd Apr, 2021 02:15:19 PM

Bumping to note that this work page move is only partially done. Literature.The Millennium Trilogy now redirects to Literature.Millennium Series, but the subpages still need taking care of, and I'm not familiar enough with the works to tell when something is referring to the books vs. the Swedish films vs. one of the American films unless it is explicitly stated which one it is.

2nd Apr, 2021 05:28:57 PM

That part stalled because while I've seen the American remake and read almost all of the books, I've only seen one of the Swedish films, so I've also had trouble figuring out which moments are from the books and which are from the films.


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