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16th Oct, 2020 07:44:08 AM

Looked through a bunch of his edits, and saw the stub page for Gigantic Death Worm.


16th Oct, 2020 07:48:21 AM

Their entire edit history seems to be creating stub pages for books and gushing about them.

16th Oct, 2020 07:54:42 AM

Everything is copy-and-pasted from Google Books too, so we also have some Plagiarism to deal with.

Edited by TantaMonty
16th Oct, 2020 07:55:14 AM

Shall we go ahead and start cutlisting these pages?

16th Oct, 2020 08:30:42 AM

Someone call a Mod to settle this...

Willbyr MOD
16th Oct, 2020 08:49:18 AM

They're suspended; cutlist away.

16th Oct, 2020 02:26:57 PM

All stubs are cutlisted and the Bizarro Fiction page cleaned up.

As a side note, this page is supposed to be an index but it doesn't appear on the work pages listed. I don't understand why, it was modified recently and the tags are there.


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