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1st Oct, 2020 09:35:17 AM

Digging around, I think that cut actually pre-dates the discussion of whether we need the namespace. Like, cut reasons don't show the troper who did the request anymore, and it looks like movie hasn't been active in years.

Edited by wingedcatgirl
1st Oct, 2020 10:07:30 AM

So this seems like an easy restoration, provided the page had three valid tropes.

1st Oct, 2020 10:34:01 AM

Here is the most recent archived version of the page I could find. It has a viable description, but only one example (that also happens to be zero-context). The reasoning provided was invalid, but this page was definitely cut-worthy.

1st Oct, 2020 12:31:47 PM

More likely this is the bug where the first attempted cut reason shows up despite the actual cut being for another reason.


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