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21st Sep, 2020 01:53:50 PM

You've got the general idea right (side note that Ultimate Universe is actually a subtrope of alternate continuity if you hadn't caught that already)

The core thing that makes an Ultimate Universe different from your usual Soft Reboot in an alternate continuity is that the creator is essentially trying to invoke Pragmatic Adaptation and Adaptation Distillation- telling a Broad Strokes version of the original that untangles all the Continuity Snarls, reimagines all the artifacts, expands on the good parts, cuts or reworks the bad parts, tries to unify all the Depending on the Writer aspects that have crept in over the years... there might be radical changes in that process, but the end goal is to create a "purified", stand-alone form of the story that captures the important parts of the original in a fresh way.


In the original Adventures of Bob, Bob was a World War II vet fighting Commie Nazis in experimental nuclear power armor and then there was a bunch of stuff in the 60s where he went into space a lot and fought aliens, and then in the 70s he learned magic and fought wizard ninjas and wacky monsters with an annoying Kid Sidekick (actually had a lot of great characters once you get past the camp), and in the 80s the series got really dark and political and Bob kept losing and regaining his powers (but the writing was fantastic), and then the 90's there were like three simultaneous timetravel arcs and a couple clones (very cool though), and...

In the Ultimate Adventures of Bob Bob is a veteran of one of the recent Middle Eastern conflicts. Both his power armor and magic have been reinterpreted as possibly alien technology on the border between Magic from Technology and Sufficiently Analyzed Magic, originally unearthed by the Ghostapo and subsequently captured. Bob is the lone survivor of an army project trying to utilize the dangerous tech after decades of top secret research. Modern reinterpretations of familiar enemies appear regularly, and many of the most important and/or popular villains and events of the original series have been tied into a coherent Myth Arc revolving around the mysterious aliens and their human collaborators. His sidekick is a slightly younger fellow vet. There's a well-handled subplot revolving around he and Bob trying to deal with their war experiences, while also keeping the snarky banter that was one of the few redeeming facets of the main-series sidekick.

Edited by Scorpion451
21st Sep, 2020 03:47:57 PM

Thank you; so they're a sort of Jumping-On Point then?

21st Sep, 2020 07:13:36 PM

They're frequently intended that way, yes.


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