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5th Aug, 2020 08:13:47 PM

Black panty-clad butt— what the hell!? Cut it.

5th Aug, 2020 08:21:38 PM

This makes me wonder if Panty Shot should even apply to real-life people who aren't invoking the trope in media like music videos. Then again if it's not intentional fanservice, it's probably misuse anyway.

Edited by mightymewtron
5th Aug, 2020 08:25:30 PM


Misuse, cut it. And yes, creepy.

5th Aug, 2020 08:31:41 PM

Alright, that example is gone.

5th Aug, 2020 09:50:33 PM

I think we should add the trope to NRLEP.

6th Aug, 2020 01:51:00 AM

That troper has a history of troping about women's rears. An entire page sometimes.

6th Aug, 2020 06:36:35 AM

Of course, I should have thought of checking that troper's editing history...

Berrenta MOD
7th Aug, 2020 06:01:34 AM

That troper will be having a little chat with the mods.

7th Aug, 2020 07:03:35 AM

As for the trope itself, I think making it NRLEP could be a good idea.

Note that if this had been intentional, it would have been a part of the show, and then it would have gone under Music and not Real Life.


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