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30th Jul, 2020 04:36:15 PM

I don't think those pages are valid. It looks like those pages' creators thought Just For Fun worked like YMMV and Trivia.

30th Jul, 2020 07:27:59 PM

I know that Just For Fun items don't belong on trope pages. Perhaps they were mistakenly moved. Wondering if there's an official statement on the matter.

30th Jul, 2020 07:42:11 PM

I think some JFF entries used to be listed as Trivia/YMMV; that may be leftovers of that time.

30th Jul, 2020 08:13:32 PM

I don't think there's an official statement, but for my two cents: it's a clear runaround of the intention of JFF being its own little funzone. Examples of JFF should just live on the JFF page itself. You got an X Meets Y? It goes on JustForFun.X Meets Y, not shoved into a work subpage.

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