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30th Jun, 2020 08:20:03 AM

If my calculations are correct, the "behind the scenes minutia" entries that were trimmed down were basically Walls of Text. The relevant cleanup thread is here.

Also, should we send igordebraga a PM if it's absolutely necessary?

Edited by gjjones
30th Jun, 2020 10:46:45 AM

"Basically" being the key word here. In the case of Pirates, Terminator, or X-Men, we're talking about anywhere from 6-12 movies that can't be so easily summarized.

Edited by burgerants
30th Jun, 2020 01:46:44 PM

Looks like the situation is resolving itself. I am removing the WoTs.

The editor just rubbed me the wrong way. (They very-obviously copy/pasted an earlier version of the page from a notepad file, since it was rife with mistakes that I'd already fixed.)

30th Jun, 2020 01:57:39 PM

I have to be honest, burgerants, you're contributing some problems of your own to that page, one of which is also present in the above post: "very [adjective]" is NOT hyphenated. It's "very obviously", not "very-obviously".

30th Jun, 2020 02:00:48 PM

Are you trying to tell me that there are too many hyphens in the article?

30th Jun, 2020 02:02:23 PM

Yes. Adverbs are not joined to the adjective they modify with a hyphen. For example, it's "wildly miscast", not "wildly-miscast". It's "particularly poorly", not "particularly-poorly". Grammarly has more on the subject.

Edited by mlsmithca

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