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30th Jun, 2020 05:45:59 AM

I posted without reading the opening post carefully, sorry.

Edited by KD
30th Jun, 2020 12:01:03 PM

Magic from Technology and/or Magic by Any Other Name in certain cases.

For example, all superpowers in the Worm-verse have a SF Hardness Rating of somewhere between 3 (Physics Plus) and 4 (One Big Lie), and operate within theoretically plausible bending of known laws like the Conservation of Mass-Energy. Nevermind, however, explanations involving a complex suite of Required Secondary Powers harvesting various substances from Expendable Alternate Universes and delivering it at high velocity through microwormholes using physical beacons and vocally-assisted mental cues as a control and targeting system: Bob just knows that a guy dressed like a Highly Visible Ninja drew some runes on a bunch of rocks which exploded after he threw them and shouted "Earthfire!".

Edited by Scorpion451

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