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29th Jun, 2020 09:19:21 PM

I'd say no. The pages were deleted for a reason.

29th Jun, 2020 10:00:20 PM

I see no harm in linking to them. It helps readers who want to look at them. It's not like linking to wayback machine archives is the same as trying to recreate a PRLC'd page.

29th Jun, 2020 10:40:30 PM

It's functionally the same thing.

30th Jun, 2020 02:56:33 AM

This is a personal opinion, not Word of Mod: I think that so as long as WhyFandomCantHaveNiceThings.TV Tropes exists having archived links on it is no big deal.

30th Jun, 2020 05:14:54 AM

I think it's fine to link archived versions of cut pages only in discussions (forum threads or TLP), but they should be removed from wiki articles. If we decided to remove a problematic page or something that's Not A Trope, we should not link to it on the wiki at all.

30th Jun, 2020 05:56:00 AM

I remember reading that the wiki's policy on unavailable works is that it's okay to have a page about it if a link to an archived version exists. So, if I'm correct, we have at least one policy that specifically encourages the use of archive links, meaning that TV Tropes is not opposed to their use.

30th Jun, 2020 06:31:49 AM

I think anything where the wiki's policy is "we should never have had this and we don't want any insinuation that cutting it was a loss" really shouldn't be on Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things in the first place, as by definition it's for stuff that's not inherently bad but was ruined by people in general being asshats.

So I don't see a problem with archive links on that page.

30th Jun, 2020 08:36:58 AM

As long as the stuff at the other end of the links are not being used to [re]start drama, then I'd have thought it would be okay. As soon as it falls afoul of the importing drama rule, then that would be when they have to go.

30th Jun, 2020 08:40:01 AM

Archive links aside, I'm reading the description of Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things, and

> Related to Dear Negative Reader and Writer Revolt, this is when someone who is involved in the production of a work and is known for interacting with the fans by, for example, writing a production blog or answering fandom's questions, or regularly appearing at conventions, stops doing so because, at least in their opinion, some fans become so thick and heavy (and ugly) that their previously fun activity has become a burden and is no longer enjoyable.

I... don't think any of these are examples of that in the first place.

30th Jun, 2020 09:23:18 AM

I do agree that links to PRLC'd pages via Wayback Machine shouldn't be on the wiki, especially if they were deleted for drama importation or being full of complaining.

Altho I'm thinking, should the PRLC include the dates when the pages were added, just for people who want to see them on the WM before they were gone?


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