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29th Jun, 2020 08:53:35 AM

You're definitely gonna want to read Example Indentation and Conversation in the Main Page.

This is not allowed.

This is also not allowed.

Each bullet point represents one example of one trope.

29th Jun, 2020 09:03:40 AM

Nice read, thanks.

In the case of contrasting tropes, for example Cold Sniper into Friendly Sniper, should the second trope be indented since it is related to the context of the first entry, or should I just follow the standard Super-Trope-Sub-Trope sorting? For example, the previous entry for Sova before the latest change:

  • Cold Sniper: Sova is a calm, patient hunter with no regard for who he kills.
    "The wounded dog bites hard."

29th Jun, 2020 09:24:59 AM

No, that's still wrong. Friendly Sniper is a separate trope, so it gets its own first-level bullet.

If you do want to mention under the Cold Sniper example that Sova is also kind to his allies, the mention should not have a second-level bullet. Second-level bullets are *never* used to comment on first-level examples. So it should look something like this:

  • Cold Sniper: Sova is a calm, patient hunter..., but he is also rather kind to his allies.

If you think it's necessary to link to Friendly Sniper there, you'll have to pothole it:

But even in this case, Friendly Sniper should have its own first-level bullet.

Edited by GnomeTitan
29th Jun, 2020 09:27:13 AM

Roger, so the general rule is if I am listing it as a trope, it is a main bullet point, no exceptions.

29th Jun, 2020 09:28:12 AM

That is wrong in two ways:

  • Each trope should be its own first-level bullet and be put on the correct place in the list of tropes
  • An example should never refer to another example, as the other example might get edited or deelted. The second example clearly refers to the first on here.

Also, I think Friendly Sniper needs more context.

29th Jun, 2020 10:11:19 AM

With regard to super-tropes and sub-tropes, if an example qualifies for a sub-trope then list it under that only and don't list it under the super-trope, it's redundant.


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