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29th Jun, 2020 04:39:33 AM

Seems like a type of An Aesop against greed, although it might work as its own distinct subpage.

29th Jun, 2020 08:28:55 AM

Could be Hustling the Mark, if the character's initial winnings were deliberately channeled to him to encourage him to bet more and more. Otherwise, it's Sunk Cost Fallacy in a gambling context.

Edited by Sharlee
MetaFour MOD
29th Jun, 2020 09:26:09 PM

Sunk Cost Fallacy would be if you lose money, then continue gambling in hopes of winning that money back. The OP is closer to the idea of "Stop while you're ahead" which I don't think we have an exact match for. Know When to Fold 'Em is close, I guess.


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