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28th Jun, 2020 08:34:46 PM

Yeah, calling this dude the 'most talented rapper' and 'he was too good for the show it's true' is heavy bias.

28th Jun, 2020 08:47:25 PM

I checked the page history and discovered something unbelievable: this entry goes all the way back to when it was in YKTTW. Nobody caught this before?

28th Jun, 2020 09:17:47 PM

It's not that surprising. Earlier today, I removed an instance of "this troper" from Degraded Boss that's older than the edit history is.

But yeah, that's very biased. Especially the "Which is actually true." part. Either way, though, we can cut it for being a complete fabrication, as Wikipedia says that he did indeed participate in the first challenge, was nominated for elimination in accordance with typical gameplay, and was eliminated because he didn't write a rap about his experiences that day. The entry couldn't be farther from the truth. (Courtesy link, in case anyone's curious.)

Edited by Serac

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