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28th Jun, 2020 01:17:55 PM

YMMV is supposed to be documenting general audience opinions, not for individual tropers to spout their personal opinions.

28th Jun, 2020 03:55:45 PM

Really? I thought some (like Broken Base) were general and others (like Squick) were individual.

28th Jun, 2020 04:46:01 PM

If that was ever true, it isn't anymore. YMMV tropes attract a lot of complaining and/or shoehorning of complaining. Limiting them to known, preferably documented, fan reactions helps mitigate the worst of that.

I think only the moments pages are purely individual.

Edited by sgamer82
28th Jun, 2020 04:50:10 PM

YMMV has always been a magnet for complaints. Heck, I'm pretty sure its creation was originally meant to clean up garbage from the main pages.

Though it probably isn't as bad as the Reviews section...not that that's a high bar to clear...

28th Jun, 2020 04:58:18 PM

Plus it's worth remembering that YMMV tropes still have objective criteria to meet. People often try to write around that (see shoehorning of complaining) but most YMMV trope definitions are written in such a way to try and avoid that issue.

28th Jun, 2020 06:27:47 PM

You have already asked a similar question before, and about the same film and trope, no less. Personal opinions go on the Reviews page only. If you would like to discuss an entry, you can always start a Discussion or head to the General Disney Thread beforehand.

29th Jun, 2020 02:15:52 AM

YMMV was originally created to segregate opinions from objective tropes. Whether the opinion was one troper's or widely held was immaterial back then, because Fast Eddie thought that trying to determine how widespread each opinion is was both off mission and too much work for too little gain.


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