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25th Jun, 2020 06:16:18 PM

Lethal Klutz if this harms those around them more than it harms them.

This Is No Time for Knitting, Excuse Me While I Multitask, and/or Strolling Through the Chaos if there are things around them that they really should be paying more attention to.

Might be room for a subtrope around this idea; the traditional form is someone reading a book or newspaper while walking with similar results.

28th Jun, 2020 04:15:30 PM

Yeah, I feel like "Lethal Klutz" is more about if someone's naturally clumsy, and given the prevalence of it in correlation with augmented reality, Fad Episodes, or Phoneaholic Teenagers, it seems like it'd be worth a subtrope. I'll look for more examples to launch pad it.

29th Jun, 2020 08:26:54 PM

It's essentially the Mr. Magoo "plot", and that itself is basically Lethal Klutz indeed plus Blind Mistake or in your specific case something really close to that.

Edited by Circeus
30th Jun, 2020 12:27:06 PM

OK...question is, is this worthy of being a separate trope, or just mentioned as a variant of Lethal Klutz/Blind Mistake?


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