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25th Jun, 2020 09:57:08 AM

I just PMed them for how they added five tropes to Nijisanji, but all are ZCE (the classic, just list tropes without any description).

25th Jun, 2020 10:07:37 AM

↑↑ i literally just fixed three of the ones you commented out.

it's kind of annoying cleaning up after them, especially for the more obvious ones where it'd be really easy to just write at least four or five words about the damn trope. especially when the trope's about something like character design aspects.

Edited by Freecom
25th Jun, 2020 08:44:29 PM

Oop. Just noticed I sent PM to wrong troper (because I'm on cellphone and the other one is as bad).

29th Jun, 2020 02:18:35 AM

Suspension issued. Needs some cleanup.

29th Jun, 2020 05:51:43 AM

thank you, i already cleaned up the edit i linked.

it's kind of silly, every other edit they do is sensible, they just really like their ZCEs i guess.


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