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28th May, 2020 09:37:41 AM

That looks close, but might be Square Peg, Round Trope? The description mentions different stuff for characters versus series (though the examples don't really reflect that), and it's not one series but multiples all for the same character. Hrmmm.

28th May, 2020 10:22:12 AM

It is Adored by the Network. Remember that tropes are flexible, and in the comic book medium is it much easier to have several concurrent ongoing series about the same character than in others that requires higher production, such as animation and TV series.

For the record, I'm not sure when was Gwenpool #13 released, but Deadpool lost "the highest grossing R-rated film of all time" throne to Joker. And he stole that joke from Honest Trailers.

Deadpool: Deadpool is the highest-grossing R-Rated film of all time! Except for Jesus...
Deadpool: That I said!
Honest Trailers guy: In our video!

28th May, 2020 10:42:06 PM

^^ Back in 2017! Accurate at the time, now dethroned, and double stolen? (I love Honest Trailers and that one was specially awesome!)

Thanks, everyone! It's tricky to tell sometimes when you're flexing a trope too much but when multiple people agree on it, it's probably that. I'll stick in on Deadpool as it gets rewritten.

29th May, 2020 05:07:47 PM

The quote is still good, but my point is that you should add a note to it, pointing that the film is no longer in that hot spot. Or make Deadpool lament it, if it is the self-demonstration page


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