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23rd May, 2020 04:18:26 AM

For example, here's the current image of Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X. It seemed to be just at 299px max, and it's a PNG.

Here's the one I already uploaded in the site, but did not edit it on the page yet because of the "Image Pickin Thread" comment. However, while the max resolution may be larger, it's a JPEG.

Do I still need to get this to the Image Pickin' Thread?

Edited by DanteVin
23rd May, 2020 07:04:34 AM

>why some work pages have "Image selected per Image Pickin' thread" comments on them when other work pages do not

Because some work pages had their image selected by an Image Pickin' thread, and others didn't, I would assume.

I'm pretty sure quality upgrades are free.

23rd May, 2020 07:13:01 AM

I can't find anything official, but quality upgrades like this are allowed without threads.

Usually work page images only goes to image picking if there's some sort of dispute, like if tropers are undecided which promo poster to use in a show with a bunch of seasons.

23rd May, 2020 07:14:25 AM

(EDITING my response as my first one was on mobile)

IP regular here: quality swaps are a free action. :) However, we do prefer high-quality PN Gs over lower-quality JPE Gs. In this case, I would simply find a larger version of the current and save it as a PNG. The image uploader would automatically resize it to 350px.

If you have more questions of this sort, see the IP policy thread, or the quality upgrade thread.

Edited by Synchronicity
23rd May, 2020 08:53:45 AM

Right. Quality swaps are a free action. Not every page is tagged with the IP tag because not every page had their image chosen by IP. It happens. It's not a huge discrepancy or anything. It's just the way things work.

23rd May, 2020 09:36:52 AM

Alright then, thanks for the responses. I did manage to find a PNG version that is also at least 350px, and have edited the page.

23rd May, 2020 10:46:15 AM

I deliberately uploaded the Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X image at 300 pixels wide (the uploader sometimes cuts off a pixel) because 350px is the maximum, not the standard. 300px is big enough for most vertical images.

Edited by rjd1922

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