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23rd May, 2020 08:56:05 AM

Basically, yeah, you should bring it up to modern standards first. What was considered launchworthy then barely gets you a hat nowadays; if it's not improved before launch it'd be sent back for the issues apparent with it.

Also, it's best to work on it again anyway to not be accused of stealth-launching a dormant draft.

23rd May, 2020 09:05:10 AM

The TLP workstation thread in the forums could be helpful for getting help if you need it.

Edited by sgamer82
23rd May, 2020 09:13:44 AM

There is one modern standard you should be aware of before you consider launching - a trope needs to be able to get 12 wicks, per Wick (it's been added not long ago). I've been trying to make sure it's followed, but luckily, since your draft has 17 work examples, it meets that one with flying colors.

Other than that, the draft seems fine, though the quote needs fixing and from what I know, lumping all examples under one creator typically isn't the best idea. I'm not sure about that one.

Edited by Piterpicher

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