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22nd May, 2020 04:55:46 AM

Yes, clearly a change is needed.

22nd May, 2020 05:54:43 AM

The game's title is Superman; "64" is an unofficial disambiguation, but it's what everyone calls it. Unofficial disambiguations are allowed.

22nd May, 2020 07:02:14 AM

I'd say leave it; I think Superman 64 is more recognizable as the common name for this game.

22nd May, 2020 07:36:39 AM

Normally I'd say 'yes, move, policy is policy' but for some reason even the Wikipedia article calls it that. We are on the first page of results when I search 'Superman 64' on Google, and it has 8k inbounds.

Now I still say 'move', but keep Superman 64 as a redirect.

Edited by Synchronicity
22nd May, 2020 08:16:26 AM

bwburke has it right. If no official name exists or the official name needs disambiguation (both "Superman" and "The New Superman Adventures" have unsurprisingly been used elsewhere), our policy is basically "meh, whatever."

The platform is an acceptable disambiguation. (Paper Mario 64, Super Smash Bros. 64, etc.)

22nd May, 2020 08:19:48 AM

Technically the real title is "The New Superman Aventures" with the last word being in French.

22nd May, 2020 08:31:17 AM

The Wikipedia article is named that per this discussion.

22nd May, 2020 08:47:08 AM

^^^Yeah, but we don't have anything titled "The New Superman Adventures", let alone "The New Superman Aventures". The closest I got was The New Adventures of Superman, The Superman Adventures, and The Adventures of Superman. So it doesn't look like there's any actual need to disambiguate.

22nd May, 2020 08:55:51 AM

^^ The other wiki and all of its sources also list the game's full title as "The New Superman Adventures", spelled correctly in English.

Is "Aventures" the actual title of the work, or are people memeing a typo on the cover?

22nd May, 2020 09:36:12 AM

^^ The game's title, as far as we can tell, is Superman.

22nd May, 2020 09:53:56 AM

How do we know that, exactly?

22nd May, 2020 10:23:07 AM

The in game title is just “Superman”. “The New Superman Aventures” is literally just a caption on the back of the box, positioned under the title “Superman”. As far as I can tell, that’s the only place where it appears. I guess one could consider it a subtitle, but “Superman: The New Superman Aventures” would be a pretty stupid name. And again, it appears nowhere else.

Mispelling is intentional.

Edited by SatoshiBakura
22nd May, 2020 11:33:38 AM

From the game review sites, it's just Superman.

The IM Db just has it as Superman.

The title screen seems to be just Superman.

The early press materials just refers to it as Superman. (Alongside with the Game Boy version and the later canned Playstation version)

Yeah, "The New Superman Adventures" doesn't appear much at all.


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