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22nd May, 2020 03:44:55 AM

The "stunned by stupidity" variant mentioned on Stunned Silence.

22nd May, 2020 03:54:12 AM

But here Alice isn't stunned by the stupidity, just remaining silent because nothing she can say could prove her point better (or make her look petty as with I Warned You).

22nd May, 2020 06:27:22 AM

B'ob's not saying anything either, I think was the thing there. The Oh, Crap! usage.

Smug Silence doesn't seem to be its own thing, but some form of Instantly Proven Wrong / Tempting Fate is also in play. Digging Yourself Deeper might sort of cover it from the reverse angle, or Dug in Deeper since B'ob apparently can't just acknowledge that there's a difference between mocking Klingon scientists as a form of posturing for the sake of glorifying Klingon warriors, and actually hurling all your civilization's scientists into the sun and announcing it in front of your enemies.

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